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Is Gun Control A Realistic Answer Part3

  • After the shooting in Parkland the question that is being asked is, where do we go from here? There are many responses that will help, but more regulation is not one of them. If as we all know, criminals do not follow the law, how will more laws help?  The “we must do something” conversation leads to contention and blaming one another. The government has certain limited rights as delineated in the Constitution. These limitations have been ignored for far too long, and have gotten us to the point of being a “nanny state” where those who can’t or won’t do for themselves has the hammock of largesse from the citizens of this country and no one being responsible for their own actions.

    Mental illness, not mentioned in the media until recently and then only in an oblique manner is at the heart of these shootings. The culture in this country leading with abortion and the degradation of discourse including on social media where you can smear someone without ever seeing them or  meeting them has coarsened our society to the point division that we may never recover from.

    The governments war on families, good principles and morals have brought our country to a low point not seen before. Combined with a rapid expansion of the government indoctrination of the citizens and the willingness of a part of our populace to allow it, mocking faith in our daily lives, and the unequal application of the law based on money or color is the fundamental reason for the coarsening of discourse within our society.

    We can no longer afford the federal education system in this country being based on feelings instead of knowledge. Nor can we afford to support an education system that is the foundation of teaching non-faith to our children. Parents as well fail in this regard. Our children are being taught that material objects are more important than faith, and self esteem more important than regard for your fellow man.

    Benjamin Watson, NFL player and born again Christian discussed the value of faith with Math MacCallum stating the values that this country used to have and that made this country great.:

                    “When you take faith out of the public areas-when you take God out of there, people suffer. A lot of times, because of the culture we are in, we’re on our cellphones, not paying attention to who is around us. We’re not willing to communicate with others so they feel that they are isolated”

    But where are we know? Our children are being taught “situational ethics”  where there is no concept of right or wrong, where you ethics may be different from mine but must be considered just as valid. Violence and criminality as displayed throughout our culture of music, videos and Hollywood are an affront to the morality and virtue that was the hallmark of our country. Being pushed by the government’s agenda of demeaning everything that America has sattod for has given rise to the culture that we suffer with today.

    Those who call for the confiscation of firearms fail to understand that firearms in and of themselves are not the problem. The shootings in the past few years have allowed celebrities, media and the progressive socialists to bang the drum loudly to confiscate all our guns as if these inanimate pieces of metal are roaming the streets killing innocent people without the evil hand of a criminal upon them.

     A drunk driver is held responsible if he kills someone in an accident, (unless he is illegal of course) If in a domestic dispute, one person picks up a knife and stabs the other person, is the knife to blame? The anti-gun fear of what a firearms can do in the hands of a criminal or mentally deficient person is what give impetus to blaming the gun. Rules are already in place to keep these people from acquiring guns, but as we have seen in Parkland, the rules need to be adhered to in order to work.

    The federal governments in the form of the FBI, local law enforcement, and even mental health professionals have let down those murdered by a crazed gunman. The anti-gun crowd is loudly screaming that Nikolas Cruz should never have had the ability to own a firearm, and with that I totally agree.  The threat of tis domestic terrorist doing harm to others was plain to see, and yet not acted upon. Was there a purpose to this inaction, it appears that to reach the solution of an Australia type gun confiscation which would do little good, this sort of massacre needed to take place.

    There are steps that can be taken. A hardening of soft targets, armed guards and bag checks would be a start. There are many veterans, law enforcement and even NRA members who would be more than happy to assist in keeping our children safe. These are many teachers who would also take part, many of them well trained in firearm use,  be background checked to assist in immediate response teams to stop a mass murderer who should be foolhardy enough to enter. There hasn’t been a mass murder shooting in Israel for over 44 years precisely because they know that there is armed resistance. Think it isn’t that bad here, look to Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis. Limitations of entrance to schools are a better plan than open campuses, and it must be admitted that “gun-free zones” are just an invitation to the mentally ill to do what they wish.  If government buildings have armed guards, and banks have active security measure, don’t our children deserve the same?

    The NRA is an organizations that I grew up with and paid little attention to for quite a while. All I knew was that the purpose for the organization was to protect my right as a gun owner with rights under the 2nd Amendment. The children of Parkland, along with their backers in the media and the leftists that are using them have vilified the NRA for years reaching a crescendo with the Parkland shootings. The left is attempting to pin the blame on the NRA by calling them greedy and murderers, and with threats of harm to its members. I find it informative that the peace loving rabble who just want to make us safer are the ones  using threats of violence to have their agenda passed. It strikes me as another form of Antifa, and once again, with the backing of mainstream media lies and innuendo will try to force their will on the American people through the use of low information voters, and creating chaos where none is needed.

    Perhaps someone should tell them that the National Rifle Association has never sold a gun and is non-profit.  The NRA also receives no government funding and will go to schools to teach gun safety course for free. I would be interested to know how they explain that. Members of Congress including such leftist as Kamala Harris already know this, but use as it a point for virtue signaling. Celebrities and our political class who feel they are so much better than us and morally superior must have armed guards but refuse to even discussing the hardeneing of our schools where children are present.

    Kamala Harris, ever one for the spotlight for her perceived Presidential run, tweeted:

                    “This cannot be a political issue, we have to be practical. I support the 2nd Amendment, but we have to have smart gun safety laws. And we cannot tolerate a society and live in a country with anylevel of pride when our babies are being slaughtered.”

    The hypocrisy of this woman is beyond reality. This woman has made it a political issue from day one, and her belief in the 2nd Amendment has been shown to be words and nothing more. And as far as “babies being slaughtered” perhaps she should find another choice of words. She is one of the biggest proponents of abortion in the Congress. She has shown that ”babies” are valuable only at the convenience of the mother.  In her political career, and just looking at 2016 we find that she has accepted donations EMILY’s List< NARAL and Planned Parenthood totaling over $43,000 according to the Center for Responsive Politics. This is the same woman who did not vote for the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and called it an “immoral bill”. Please, for the sake of “the children” take you virtue signaling garbage elsewhere. I live is California, and ma’am you are an embarrassment.

    Another talking point that the leftists always make is that the AR-15 is an assault rifle. I have even heard them say that is how it got its name (Assault Rifle 15). I can see all the bobbleheads of the left affirming that it must be true. IT ISN’T…. it is called AR15 because of the company that invented and manufactures it. The AR stands for ARmalite, it is technically the Armalite 15. Also assault weapons can fire both semi automatic and full automatic. The AR15 does not and in fact no current firearms on the market is fully automatic. The National Firearms ACT of 1934 banned such weapons.

    I refuse tolisten to the talking heads in Congress and Hollywood who constantly spout that this is the fault of Republicans and inaction in Congress. I ignore rantings from thos of the political class like Rep. Pramila Jayapal who stridently and confidently  spew lies about the NRA, or Rep. Gwen Moore who claims the Republicans need to stand up to the NRA, the boogeyman of theleft who they will demonize at every turn without taking into account that the lies told by the leftists and progressive socialists are not helping.

    Rep. Ted Lieu offers this bit of advice from on high:

    “As Members of Congress, instead of only offering tepid thoughts andprayers, we should be drafting, introducing and passing common sense legislation to stop these mass casualty events from happening over and over.”

    Ok Sir, you first, what “common sense legislation would you propose being that criminals amd the mantally ill do now follow those laws and our government doesn’t enforce them?

     Or Judy Chu whose tweet is enlightening,

    “Anything you have to say about the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership, you should be able to say to the faces of the children being marched out of their school, guarded by police”

    You are absolutely right Judy. But it may have been far better if the police were there beforehand don’t you think?

    And we can’t forget Ed Markey who took another opportunity to bash Trump with this tweet:

    “American are living in fear that their community could be the next Parkland. If Trump cannot muster the courage to call for measures that are supported by overwhelming majorities, he should know that American will hold him and everyone that holds hands with the NRA accountable.”

    A class individual this Ed Markey, first he tries to spread fear that any community could be the nexp Parkland to sow fear into the hearts of Americans, then he lies that the assault weapons ban is approved by a majority of American when there is not even a good definition of what an assault weapons ban is, does it include the 95% of pistols that are semi auto as well.  Then the threat to anyone who is a member of the NRA. Classy Ed, but for progressives, par for the course.


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