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The Chaos in California

  • Our country was founded on the rule of law and the strong adherence to morality and decency. This led to the concept of “rugged individualism, where if your worked hard and worked towards your goals you could get ahead. But now, things have changed.

    I came to California over 40 years ago. At the time it was in fact the “Golden State”. So much has changed. Identity politics and the progressive-socialist agenda of the Democrats in charge have caused this great state to wither and die.  The radicalism facing California  is unrestrained, and of concern across the country. Secession  is being discussed and the socialism that is rampant in our State will further plunge California into a third world replica of Venezuela, another area of one party socialist rule.

    It won’t get any better after Gov. “Moonbeam” Brown finally leaves. The next governor may be someone like  Kevin DeLeon, a socialist lackey under the thumb of Tom Steyer. I have written about Tom Steyer before,(, who is now an ardent environmentalist although he became a hedge-fund billionaire on oil ands and coal. A full on unionist along with the power that will control our State legislature after the departure of Brown, both Steyer and DeLeon believe in the coercion of the State and will go even further into the depths of socialism.

    Another face in the crowd is Lt. Gov Gavin “Any Twosome” Newsom. He is a firm believer in single payer healthcare and a fervent supporter in illegal immigration. Both will further erode the middle class and the safety that the middle class deserves. The middle class in acknowledgement that they are no longer important to the progressive socialist will leave the state along with their businesses and money and California will turn into a third world hellhole of welfare cheats and a flourishing drug trade. Our politicians still brag about the high economic powerhouse that is California. They do not explain that all the growth go to a select few of their friends in the tech industry and the high income tech services that make our major sites like San Francisco unaffordable to most Californians. So what do you wind up with, Techsters living in their cars and needles of the street.

    The major focal points for these  oligarchs, globalists, and New World order types is to seize control of the identity politics to further divide our country. To further push California towards socialism and anarchy is the discussion and coercion taking place in the state over immigration.

    Starting with immigration policy that allows seven time felons to remain in the city and murder a young lady out for a walk with her father  and then find him innocent is a slap in the face of evry citizen and law enforcement officer in the state. The state government has found that the rule of law can be ignored. Local officials all the way up to our Governor have decided that federal law is not appropriate here, that they know better and will not allow local officials to enforce laws that do not see as fit. They consider detainers filed by ICE to be unlawful, and will not retain criminal illegal aliens for ICE to pick up and deport. They would rather they roam the streets and create a danger for not only law enforcement but for the everyday citizens of our communities. DHS has confirmed that over 540 criminal aliens were released in the areas of San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Orange County. These criminals with crimes such as, assault, burglary, cruet towards a child, and domestic violence now roam the streets freely because they are in a “Sanctuary City” and will be protected by law enforcement.

    According to the DHS in one month in 2014 sanctuary cites released  8100 deportable criminal aliens, 3000 with convictable felonies. 1900 were later rearrested a total of 4300 times for 7500 different felonies. The Government Accountablity Office has showed that more than 55,000 criminal aliens have committed 646,000 crimes for an average of 13 crimes per illegal alien. The same office report from a 2011 study has shown just 215,000 criminal aliens in federal, state, and local prisons had been arrested nearly 1.7 million times for close to 3 million criminal offenses.


    The California State Legislature has turned their backs on these numbers, ignoring the violence and damage done to our communities in order to gather the votes they need to stay in power. It even goes so far as to allow law enforcement in the State to notify ICA of violent felons. Unless ICE already knows a felon is in jail, no one in our government or law enforcement is required or even allowed to notify them.


    There are many players in our State government that are a part of this. One is Sen, Kamala Harris. I have written before of this woman,  a harridan that continues to bleat her musings while being accused of sleeping her way to the top. ( She excoriated Attorney General Jeff Sessions for mentioning the Civil War and slavery. Once again, because Jeff Sessions is white, he can claim any knowledge of that time period he mentioned. Another question I have is that this administration has the lowest levels of unemployment for all groups including women, blacks and Hispanics. How can you claim you are about those people and not champion those who created  that set of facts rather than call them racist? And no Senator, Sanctuary cities have nothing to do with the future, but everything to do with ignoring the rule of law. Now she is stating that the Federal government enforcement of our immigration laws is “Bullying”.

    Jerry Brown, our moonbeam governor has called Attorney General Jeff Sessions a “Gestapo” and declared that the United States has declared “war” on California. Jerry Brown is being spoken of as a true crusader for California, the one man who can save the State. If that is true, why do 48% of the real electorate want you gone. Could it be that you have made us the laughing stock of the Unitd States, and is it any wonder why “New California” is starting to gain traction?

    And then there is Oakland mayor Libby Schaff who has declared from on high the Attorney General Sessions is a “racist” for wanting to enforce immigration law. Schaff warned illegal aliens many of which were criminals of an upcoming ICE raids, allowing 800 of the worst criminals to flee from Oakland before the enforcement.

    In a statement after the press conference by Sessions, Schaff wrote

                How dare you vilify members of our community by trying to frighten the American public into thinking that all undocumented immigrants are dangerous criminals — hard-working, law-abiding Oakland’s like Eusebio and Maria Sanchez, whom you ripped away from their American-born children and the cancer patients at our public hospital who relied on Maria’s nursing skills every day?

    How dare you distract the American people from a failed immigration system that tears apart families and forces the workers that out economy depends on to harvest our crops, delver our services, and build our cities to live in fear and work under oppressed conditions?

    I am confident that the courts will resolve the dispute between the administration and the great State of California. I am ready to get back to work doing my job as the mayor of Oakland — addressing homelessness, building affordable housing, fixing the streets, creating safe neighborhoods, and ensuring that the children of my community, no matter where they came from, or how they got here, have every opportune for success.”

    How sweet. Care to discuss the violent crimes that you precious illegals are perpetrating on the legal citizens of this country? Care to discuss the violence done by illegals throughout this country by the hundreds of thousands? Care to explain how putting the population of Oakland in danger is less important to your open borders policy for progressive socialist votes to keep you power?

    The federal government will crack down on this progressive socialist conspiracy to ignore the rule of law. It has to, or the law, any law means nothing. Anarchy is what the Alinsky followers want, but our government and our people deserve better.


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