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Profiles in Treason Robert Mueller

  • Another Deep State proponent that has created havoc over the past two years is Robert Swam Mueller III. An impressive name for the present Special council whose sole purpose is to do whatever is possible to take down Donald Trump. He works tirelessly, but not for the truth that the American people need to know, but for the opportunity of impeachment of our sitting President. It is an investigation looking for a crime where none exists based on a dossier that was never verified or corroborated and was used to lie to the FISA court without any hearings on its validity.

    Mueller has issued indictments on Russians without even knowing their names.

    Let’s look at some of the histories of this Special Counsel that the Democrat progressive socialists have called beyond reproach. The media and establishment RINOS have assisted in building up Mueller, claiming he is highly competent and fair. Nothing is further from the truth.

    In 1979, this paragon of virtue prosecuted 18 San Francisco Hells Angels as drug runners. What was considered a “slam-dunk” case lost 13 convictions and the five convictions he received were overturned on appeal? The cases were so badly prepared that there were not any convictions on appeal by the prosecutor that replaced Mueller.

    From San Francisco, Mueller scurried off to Boston, where he bungled the case of an East German accused of theft of nuclear secrets. It was also in Boston where Mueller hired mob boss Whitey Bulger as an informant. Horrific crimes performed by Whitey Bulger and his henchmen were covered up by the FBI handle John Connolly with the acquiescence of Mueller. Instead, Mueller charged four innocent men for the crimes that Bulgers mob committed. All four were later exonerated and the families awarded $100 million of taxpayer money. During the trial Mueller was found to have suppressed evidence clearing the four victims, bringing forward false information and was not indicted because of Deep State cronies in the Federal Justice system.

    This is also the same Robert Mueller that falsely accused virologist Steve Hatfield during the Anthrax virus scare. Mueller once again withheld evidence. Hatfield sued and was awarded $5.8 million of taxpayer money.

    It was the same  Mueller who also claimed it was too dangerous to go to Benghazi after our ambassador and four brave men were killed, but could not explain to Rep. Trey Gowdy why it was safe for our diplomats. Perhaps it made following the Obama lies of a video causing this tragedy was easier by this explanation. It took Rep. Gowdy’s question as a rhetorical comment not suitable for an answer. I would think the families of those killed would demand an answer.

    It was this very same Mueller that worked with various Islamic organizations to rid FBI training manuals of any mention of jihad and terrorism. Meeting in secret and exposed afterward by Judicial Watch, Mueller met with groups such as CAIR and INSA and other terrorist-connected organizations. Mueller gave in to every demand from these groups to effectively ban the terrorist training that our agents in the field urgently needed. This is also the Same Robert Mueller who worked to block the 9/11 victims families from suing Saudi Arabia for being the masterminds behind the attack on 9/11.

    So with this as a background is it any wonder that Mueller allowed his pit-bull Andrew Weisman to break into Paul Manafort’s home at 4 am, roughed up the entire family including the wife who was still in bed, illegally stole attorney-client privileged information and personal documents in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

    Robert Mueller has a history only partially shown above of having the capability of using virtually false evidence and heavy-handed fabricated evidence to ensnare those the Deep State needs to be damaged and jailed. The amount of failure of Mueller would get any lesser attorney fired, but being a Deep State operative, Mueller is shielded and allowed to move even further up the Deep State organizational chart. Mueller worked his way as far as being made FBI Director. This was not a position based on his fine performance in his duties before his promotion, but because Mueller is malleable, and is able to be controlled by those in the Deep State.

    This is the man that the progressive socialists, the sycophants in the media who play the lapdogs of the Deep State, RINOs and Never Trumpers want us to believe. They have yet to explain how Donald Trump, who according to leftist snowflakes, is a Nazi and not intelligent enough to be our President had the capability to collude with “the Russians”  in such a sophisticated way that even our intelligence agencies can’t figure out how he did it.

    Of course, it is a little difficult to understand how the Justice Department will ever figure it out when they never even took charge of the Democrat server, a server that has now vanished, but allows Mueller and his pack of progressive socialist wolves to claim the Russians hacked it with no evidence.  Even going as far as allowing Bruce Ohr, a DOJ careerist with no connection to the Russian investigation to continue to correspond with the disgraced and fired Christopher Steele and continue to use this information, fits the parameters of the poor work that Mueller had done in the past. Christopher Steele texted to Ohr about his Special Council colleagues which appears to put Mueller in the cabal of Strozk, Comey, Page, and McCabe, who have all been fired, who were tasked with taking down the President.

    Why has the media hidden the verifiable fact the RNC was hacked in June of 2016, the month before John Podesta was phished for information and the DNC was hacked. Why hasn’t the Justice Department made this fact known or investigated the RNC hacking with the same zeal they are tirelessly working and leaking about the DNC hack?

    It could be the hackers were part of a plot to swing the election to Hillary and assist in covering up the fact the Hillary as Secretary of State gave 20% of the uranium of our country to the Russians for a $110 million contribution to the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons kept 96% of this “contribution”. In 2009, it was Hillary Clinton who directed then FBI Director Robert Mueller to deliver a Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) sample to Russia. A cable was sent from Hillary to John Beryle, the U.S. Ambassador to Russia on August 17th, 2009. The cable that was sent read, in part:

    Action Request Embassy Moscow is requested to alert at the highest appropriate level the Russian Federation that the FBI Director Mueller plans the deliver the HEU sample once he arrives in Moscow on September 21st.


    The story on this cable was made available on the very same day the Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as Special Council, effectively ending any further investigation of this issue.

    There are those who have worked with Mueller who understand more than most what the incompetence of Mueller has done to the organization. There are those prepared to testify that Mueller committed perjury in relation to the off the books surveillance of American citizens. There are some willing to testify how Mueller forced agents to end investigations into terrorist organizations.

    There are many people assisting Mueller in this hoax of an investigation. There are employees throughout our government from the FBI and DOJ to the State Department and  Obama holdovers in all branches including the CIA who are complicit in this process of framing Trump. Mainstream media is cheerleading this effort and refuse the truth that is facing them and is already understood by the American people.  The tell lies, distort facts and even make things up to do damage to our country and our President.

    Mueller has turned this investigation into a partisan open-ended hate-fest directed at our President and advanced by the media, the progressive socialists, and the Deep State. It looks to pressure witnesses to bend to its will, threatening or trying to charge family members and using the legal force of the government to bankrupt American citizens it deems necessary to be silenced.

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