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Kamala Harris Will Never be President

  • It appears now that the Progressive/socialists that have taken over the Democrat party have been looking for the new shining star for the next Presidential election. Just a few weeks ago they rebranded themselves as “the Better Deal”. They speak well of jobs and infrastructure, and better wages for workers. Does anyone believe that anything has changed? Remember Obamas “fundamental transformation” of our country and how eight years of Obama did transform this country. Lower wages, lower respect from the world, and more division in the country because of the identity politics forced on the American people.

    The progressive/socialists have a hard decision to make. They know that the alternatives that they have for the next Presidential election are weak. The socialist Bernie Sanders, if he doesn’t go to jail with his wife, is no answer. By the time of the next election, his socialist policies will have been shown to be a farce. Elizabeth Warren is a corporate shill who hides behind the lies she used to get ahead and has no real meaningful agenda other than to trash Republicans.

    A new shining star that has emerged in some areas is Kamala Harris. She is already making the first moves speaking to national Democrats and think tanks in Washington D.C. which the national media will lap up. They will cover Harris with such adoration and form alliances to further push hew ambitions upon the American people. As a new Senator, her focus should be on the people of California and not the national stage. Being called a compelling candidate by the likes of Bob Shrum, even members in the California  Democratic politicians have been very quick to jump on the Harris bandwagon. Most supporters in California showed that many feel that Harris is pushing too hard to run for President.

    Harris received an endorsement from Maxine Waters, the chief proponent in the impeachment push of President Trump. Maxine Waters runs a “pay for Play” where money is funneled to  Waters in order to get her endorsement on her mailers, which she pays her daughter to accomplish for $650,000.

    Kamala Harris had paid tens of thousands of dollars to be listed on the Waters fliers of endorsements. Latest counts have shown the somewhere around $65,000 has been paid by Harris to the Waters campaign funds according to the Federal Election Commission.

    As Attorney General of California, Harris faced a lawsuit by Prime Healthcare, a national healthcare company in the purchase of a failing healthcare company, The Daughters of Charity Health System. The SEIU which donated to the Harris campaign for Attorney general is seeking to organize the workers at DCHS which would have been thwarted by the purchase of the company by Prime Healthcare. Harris attempted to expand the five year level of services required to purchase the company to ten years making the purchase “financially unviable”. This is the first and only time in the history of the California Attorney General office that these requirements have been forced upon any company.

    Kamala Harris, declaring herself a feminist, ignored two pro-democracy, pro-freedom Muslim women at a recent Senate hearing called by Senator Ron Johnson about Islamic ideology. Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani were ignored by the women on the Panel North Dakota Democrat Heidi Heitkamp, New Hampshire Democrat Maggie Hassan, Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill, and yes, California Democrat Kamala Harris. You would think misogyny and sexism in the Middle East where women fact constant and vicious abuse would be on the top of the list for these feminists. But Harris, along with the others are more concerned with offending Muslims. There were no questions, and no testimony allowed by these two brave women about the ideology of political Islam. Our American feminists are more concerned about abortion, the supposed gender pay gap and discrimination, but not one word about the terror that women in the Islamic world face every day.

    Kamala Harris abused her office as Attorney General to assist Planned Parenthood in a witch hunt against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress.  Last week a California court dropped 14 of 15 charges as legally insufficient. Even the Los Angeles Times stated that “Never in the history of California has anyone been charged with a crime for an undercover investigation”.  Harris being an ardent abortion supporter and Planned Parenthood supporting her campaign, is it really a wonder why this case was brought?  It appears that Harris is unconcerned about the unborn being aborted, chopped up and sold for profit.

    Kamala Harris is now making a name for herself and becoming a “shining star” for the progressive socialists by being rude and not allowing witnesses to answer at Senate hearings. Acting like the worst mother-in-law you could ever have, she rants on and on as the witness is trying to answer, and then claims victimhood when requested to let the witness answer the question.  In the questioning of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a Senate Hearing in June she constantly and continually asked questions without allowing the witnesses to answer. This is just another way to increase her visibility as her and her fellow feminists blame the chairman of the committee as a mean man intent to suppressing the voice of women.

    Then there is the question of where did Kamala Harris come from? Willie Brown, the corrupt past mayor of San Francisco at 60 years of age had an ongoing affair with Kamala Harris who was 29 and unemployed at the time.  Not only did it break up Brown's marriage, it was Hebert Caen who called Harris “the Speakers new steady”.  This lead to Harris’ appointment to numerous high paying government jobs costing taxpayers $92,000. From there, once a part of the apparatus of the Willie Brown progressive agenda, Harris had a clear path to any position available. Even journalists in California have called Harris “a show horse” and there isn’t “much there there”.

    What has Kamala Harris done for her constituents in California? The “income inequality” that progressives love to talk so much about is unmatched in the glaring divergence in the state of California. The push for $15.00 per hour in California works well in urban areas like San Francisco but what of suburban areas and the severe damage it will do to areas outside the metropolitan areas. Environmental restrictions and regulations on homebuilding have caused the lowest homeownership rates since the 1940’s. Half of those under 35 years of age are finding any way possible to leave the state. California is home to 30 percent of those in the country on public assistance. Over 10,000 small and medium-sized business have left the state and the percentage of business closing due to overregulation, environmental regulations and other reasons are ignored.

    Kamala Harris also turned her office as Attorney General into a bastion of unconstitutional government backed to bring the full weight of her office down on her political enemies.  In a ruling by Federal District Court Judge Manual Real, Harris was stopped in her abridgment of free speech by demanding that confidential donor lists be given to her office if conservative entities like the American for Prosperity Foundation. In a blatantly political move, Harris actually identified 1,778 confidential donors posted on the Registry website.

    Kamala Harris has shown herself to be a partisan hack and allows protections for herself without allowing those protections for those on the other side. For far too long, the progressive/socialists have set the agenda of hate or feel superior to those who they work for, and for cronyism amongst those who lie to retain their power. This is no way to change this country, a Kamala Harris presidency would be a weight upon the American people that can no longer be tolerated.

    The incessant smear campaigns by the progressive socialists must stop. It is apparent that this is the weapon of choice among the leftists who inhabit the Deep State and the media. The fact that they act the way they do, venturing well outside the rule of law or even basic decency is nothing more than the fact that they feel morally superior and indispensable.  The morality of the past and the affirmation that people can disagree civilly is now gone. Any deviation from moving forward to make the world as they want it must be destroyed and any means are justified to reach the socialist agenda they are working so hard to achieve.

    I spent the better part of a day watching the Congressional committee hearings on the confirmation for  Gina Haspel to become the new CIA Director. Lauded by everyone from both sides of the aisle who has worked intelligence, she underwent what should have been an uneventful hearing. The progressive socialists attempted to turn it into a rehashing of the enhanced interrogation techniques used after 9/11. Gina Haspel made no decisions on the use of these techniques, nor did she do the interrogations herself.

    Attempting to ensure to show herself as the hard-charging leftist that she is, Kamala Harris made a fool of herself once again. Demanding over and over a yes or no answer to the morality of these interrogation techniques that were legal at the time, she refused to allow Haspel to answer with anything more than yes or no. Anyone with a semblance of intelligence knows that it was not and is not a yes or no question. Questioning the morality of Gina Haspel, a woman who has done far more in service to our country was a disservice to the citizens of this country and was done solely for the purpose on attempting to trash another Trump supporter.

    I thought perhaps that the question of morality and answering with just “yes or no” could work in both directions and have formulated some question for Kamala Harris to answer:

    Sen. Harris does it show moral clarity to send your trained goons to raid the apartment of David Dalieden, a journalist who investigated the baby part mill that is Planned Parenthood. Are the profits that Planned Parenthood, one of your largest donors a good enough reason to use police-state tactics to attack the press?

    Yes or No?

    Sen. Harris, can you explain why the Republican tax cuts cause the loss of healthcare but that Obamacare did not? Care to explain why those who don’t have health care now that the mandate is no longer being implemented can choose not to have healthcare. Can you explain why Obamacare has such high deductibles and monthly payments that it is healthcare that people can’t afford to use?

    Yes or No?

    Senator Harris, why did you use the bullying tactics that you did in your attempt to force conservative charities such as the Americans for Prosperity Foundation to give you their list of donors from the confidential Schedule B from their tax returns. And what do you feel gives you the right as Californias Attorney General to fine or deny permits to those charities that did not submit to your coercion.? Do you consider it moral to violate the rights of those you disagree with as the states chief law enforcement officer? Is the message you were trying to send that private citizen can be trampled on with no recourse if you disagree with the agendas that private citizens have?

    Yes or No?

    Is it morally acceptable to you to lie publicly to state that no Illegal alien has ever raped or killed anyone? On Feb. 5, 2018, you tweeted

    This administration has ignited anti-immigrant sentiment, characterizing immigrants as rapists, murderers, and people who are going to steal American jobs. That could not be further from the truth.”

    Do you consider that DACA was an unconstitutional executive order that Obama put in place without consulting Congress, the legislative body that is tasked with making the laws? Do you see the difference between legal and illegal immigrants or is it your agenda to let everyone in and turn California into a third world hellhole like Venezuela?

    Yes or No?

    Would you explain how you questioned about the San Onofre scandal where you litigated for the CPUC and were criminally investigating the CPUC at the same time, a true conflict of interest? And working with Gov. Jerry Brown refused to release emails and other records until the statute of limitations ran out. And can you explain why these citizens of this state with a $3.4 billion bill in the form of rate hikes?

    Yes or No?


    Do you consider that sleeping with your boss, destroying marriage and being known as  Willie Brown’s “new steady” when he was the Assembly Speaker for California was morally justified? The proven facts that Speaker Brown made sure that you met the right people and got plum jobs that set the course for your political career is moral as well? Was it ethical for Willie Brown to assist you in becoming the first black district attorney in San Francisco, or to be elected fraudulently to become the California Attorney General?

    Yes or No?

    Should the American people be concerned that, according to the Sturgis-Fellowes Institute you are working with Obama and Nazi collaborator George Soros to steal the Presidential election in 2020? It is a fact that Soros dumped millions into your Senate bid and along with other progressive socialist has assured that you already have a war chest of a quarter billion dollars for your run for President in 2020. Do you think a progressive socialist such as yourself can succeed on the agenda being set for you by Soros and use that identity politics of being a biracial female to push your way into the White House? Or will the fact that you refused to indict One West Bank, a bank that showed Soros as majority shareholder? And will you return the money you received from New York AG Schneidermann and George Soros at a campaign fundraiser in 2011

    Yes or No?

    Can you explain how you are so concerned about the shooting at Parkland, and the comments you made after the massacre:

    “We cannot tolerate a society and live in a country with any level of pride when our babies are being slaughtered.”

    What constitutes a baby, high school students are babies according to your comment, but those babies still in the womb can be murdered and dismembered? You have even raised money for those who perform those dismemberments? Can you explain supporting the mutilation of a baby in the womb as being wholly normal or explain how a baby in the womb has no right, but illegal aliens do?

    Yes or no?

    Sen. Harris, I live in California but if I can find afford a way to do it. I will leave this mounting socialist hell hole you have been a part of growing. What is sad is that many of those on your side of the aisle would be happy to see me leave to make room for your precious illegal immigrants. There are even those who want to make California part of Mexico again in our state legislature. Now, the California State legislature wants to do all they can to ban the sale of the Bible, and replace Washington or Lincolns birthday with May Day, a radical socialist holiday to further indoctrinate the citizens of this state into the socialist lifestyle that you feel we so richly deserve.

    The total abandonment of any moral or ethical clarity that is shown by the lawmakers in California has made us the laughingstock of the country. You, Sen. Harris, are part of the destruction of the fabric of what was once a glorious state full of optimism and hope. You and those of the same mindset have given us tent cities and addicts shooting up in the subways and train stations.  California will resist, and your “revolution” will founder on the shoals of decency and respect for one another.

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