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The Caravan Storm Comes Closer

  • Now that the elections are over and stolen as appropriate, the media can once again continue to ignore the “caravan” invasion as they did so diligently before. They are still coming and the American people are not being told the truth.

    Air Force General Larry O’Shaughnessy, the gentleman overseeing the border response has stated :

    This caravan is different from what we have seen in the past. We have seen violence coming out of this caravan they have passed other international borders and behave in a nature that is what we’ve seen before.”

    Even before the arrival of these soon to illegal border crossers, there has been violence. While traveling through the Mexican State of Chiapas two were arrested for firing shots at the Mexican Federal Police who were escorting them through the province.  Even the Mexican Ambassador to the United States, Geronimo Gutierrez described these migrants as “very violent” in an appearance on National Public Radio. In his own words he stated:

    “We have been trying to avoid, at all costs, violence in the border. Unfortunately, some of the people in the caravan have been very violent against authority, even though that they have been offered the possibility of entering in compliance with immigration law and refugee status.”

    The Constitution clearly has standards that need to be put in place and backed by military force if necessary.

    Article IV, section 4 states:

    “ The United States shall guarantee in this Union, a Republican form of government, and shall protect each of them from invasion”

    Federal Law Section 8 USC 1324 (a) states:

    A person commits a felony when he or she: assists an illegal alien she/he should reasonably know is legally within the United States or who lack employment authorization, by transporting, sheltering, or assisting him or her to an employer or by acting as an employer or agent for an employer in any way or knowingly assists illegal aliens.”

    This also includes the 22 million illegal aliens already in our country. The progressive socialists coddle them and give them benefits for votes on the taxpayer dime, and refuse to admit they are in fact illegal and must be deported.

    The caravan is now being bussed by those sympathetic to their cause. Any American who is assisting in this is breaking the law, pull their license.

    It is unfortunate for the progressive socialists that the caravan did not make it to the border before the elections. The sight of these illegal migrants facing off the military whose duty is to protect the border would have been a milestone for the mainstream media and progressives socialists in our Congress who of course would run to the microphones to accuse President Trump of being a Nazi and stopping all these poor women and their children from finding a better life.

    Not mentioned is the third world country the border states will be turned into.

    The progressive socialists are working hard to make our southern border irrelevant. Using DACA, an unconstitutional presidential executive order by Obama, and such laws as catch and release, and a fervent discussion among the leftists for abolishing ICE continues to allow in those who are here for economic asylum, and willing to come to our country and live on the benefits that us, the taxpayers, are required to pay. The sanctuary cities that refuse to follow the federal law but whine if Federal funding is cut because off it will get even worse. And these same sanctuary cities are using taxpayer funding to support these illegal immigrants better than many of our homeless and vets can aspire to.

    Bringing in the illegal aliens without any idea of the merits of these people allows those unschooled in values, the Constitution and few marketable skills do nothing more than placing more of a burden on the American taxpayer. Combined with free schooling, health insurance and all the free public services meant for the American citizens have degraded the services that the American people deserve.

    Republicans need to move forward on the security of our border. Of course, if you believe there should be a wall you are called a racist. It is time to declare that word off limits. It is used by choice to denigrate those the leftists disagree with and has lost all meaning to the average hard working American.

    The caravan, as the next step in the progressive agenda to deal a blow to the sovereignty of our country, will continue to move forward and have even stated that our President and our laws are “nothing.” Our laws need to be passed and implemented.  Mandatory E-Verify should be at the top of the list, anchor babies have already been discussed and should also be implemented. Enforce immigration laws on employers with jail time. Make laws to arrest landlords who willingly work with illegal immigrants.  No federal benefits for the first five years should also be implemented.

    This mob of illegal aliens seems to feel that if they push forward they feel the media and progressive socialists would raise such an alarm and show the women and children who are supposedly suffering. Little will be said about the 90% who are men of military age, or members of MS-13, and drug dealers looking to work on this side of the border where the money is better.

    So what happens now? Will it come to bloodshed to secure our border? Will it finally become clear to those who are against the wall that a wall is needed? Will they admit that an immense amount of crime is perpetrated by those crossing our border illegally? And progressive socialists proclaim that crime goes down in areas where immigrants live. That is correct for LEGAL immigrants. The trick they use is to lump legal and illegal immigrants together.

    The statement from DHS and it appeared in the Washington Examiner states:

    We continue to be concerned about individuals along the caravan route.  In fact, over 270 individuals have already been identified as having criminal histories including known gang membership. Those include a number of violent criminals including those with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, sexual assault on a child and assault on a female.”

    There are already reports among the caravan of missing children, sexual assaults, and women being injured standing in the way of the young men climbing on trucks to assist them in getting here. Molotov cocktails and weapons are among the men of the group which remains hidden by the women and children they force to march in front.

    The media narrative of poor and downtrodden women and children attempting to find a better life is just what those in the caravan want. They want our media to be complicit in this farce., by showing sob stories of the ones who are only coming for economic asylum. The American people need to understand the “economic asylum” does not exist.

    These are the people that the progressive socialists and celebrities galore assert we must let in. Fine, those that want them here can take a few each, house them, feed them and see to the illegal alien’s every need. Bring them to your gated communities and parade them around like the fine people you think they are.

    It shouldn’t matter though. According to CNN and Shepard Smith on Fox, they will never make it here because this caravan is a figment of President Trump’s imagination. Willie Geist, Donny Deutch, and Jim Acosta, all paragons of virtue said the whole caravan is political. They say that President Trump set the whole thing up to fear monger, but can’t explain how. Nor can they explain how those who organized it and are financing it are members of the George Soros Open Society Foundation. The caravan is an Invasion, and what will all the talking heads say when they attempt to overwhelm our military forces who are there to protect our border. I am sure they will find a way to blame President Trump for that as well.