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The Lies of Ilhan Omar and the Progressive Socialists

  • There are those in our country and in our Congress actively working against the principles that have made this country great. They continually work against the people of this country and have malice for those who disagree. Using the false idea that they know better than those whom they are supposedly governing they cannot understand the alienation that the American people feel or the violence that will come if the people continue to feel alienated.


    One of the people is terrorist sympathizer Ilhan Omar. Many points in her past have come to a pinnacle of deception. In the past, she has sided with terrorists rather than those who elected her in Minnesota. In a court case involving nine men who she claims made a mistake.  It was her opinion that they were just poor victims led astray and that they could be rehabilitated. She claimed:


                    “The best deterrent to fanaticism is a system of compassion. We must alter our attitude and approach: if we truly want to effect change, we should refocus our efforts on inclusion and rehabilitation”


    She would not discuss what would have happened if these nine want to be terrorists had made it to ISIS. The lives of those who may have been killed by these nine never entered her mind. Three of the nine received sentences of up to 30 years, effectively getting this group of Islamists off the street.


    She has no concept of our justice system, and because they, like her, are Islamic, she feels that they do not need to follow the laws of our country. The citizens of this country should not be put at risk because of the Islamization of state and federal authority.


    Omar and the other progressive socialists in the Democrat Party continue to find rights for those who they are trying to guarantee to vote for them. According to Omar, housing and healthcare is now a “right”. Nowhere in the founding documents of our country are these “rights” mentioned, perhaps because the founders believed in the rugged individualism that built this country to the shining beacon it is to the world. She whines about how “immoral” our country is in not funding housing for the homeless, claiming we must cut money from the military and DHS to fund it. She, along with other progressive socialists Rashida Talib and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, have declared that DHS has been inhumane in the treatment of illegal immigrants and has abused the authority it was given.  She has said that the refugees have been detained and tortured. Perhaps she has mistaken DHS for the authorities in the Arab world, neglecting to mention the detentions and tortures perpetrated by the authorities in Gaza.


    They claim that we should not be prosecuting immigrants who are part of the fabric of our community which leads me to ask questions.

    1.       How many legal immigrants are in the camps that they so despise? NONE

    2.       Why do they conflate immigrants and illegal aliens? It is an  attempt to confuse the American people

    3.       3. How did they become part of the fabric of our community when they are here illegally? And just whose community? Not the ones they live in, they have their gated and luxury apartments in Washington and in their home districts.


    I find that the leftists do this most of the time. Those who are invading our southern border are called refugees, or undocumented immigrants without admitting the illegality of what these illegal aliens do.


    Ilhan Omar has done her best to support Nicolas Maduro, even going so far as to lie about the United States leading a coup against Maduro. She was supported by two reporters who are basically stenographers for the Kremlin. Abby Martin who is part of the network started by socialist Hugo Chavez and Rania Khalek, a terrorist apologist very much like Omar and works at In The Now, a media project funded by the Russian government. She accused Juan Guaido, the opposition leader in Venezuela of being “far-right” when in fact his party has membership in the Socialist International. She has accused the US of having “corporate interests” in the overthrow of the Venezuela policies.  She has, in essence, supported the failed socialist regime that has killed the Venezuelan people in the millions. She has supported Maduro in the policy of mass starvation of his people including a blockade of food sent to his country.


    She has claimed that America must be silent because of the support that our country has shown for Brazil, Guatemala, and Honduras. All three are pro-Israel, the major reason why Omar has attacked them. Brazil just held free and fair elections and yet Omar, because of her anti-Semitism calls them a horrible regime.


    Her attack on the Covington students has been proven to be a lie and yet she continues to push the lie forward. And once again, she attempts to blame President Trump for the hate that she pushes onto the Covington students without any semblance of truth. She puts Nathan Philips, a former Marine who lied about his service and has been a socialist activist for years on a pedestal. The full video shows that it was Philips who confronted the students, but that doesn’t matter to Omar. She will continue with her lies and use it to foment division to assist to destroy the country she hates.


    Her words will ring true for her.


    “The message I have for them (the Covington students) is that in life often there are consequences for the way you behave”


    I can only say unless she takes her own words to heart she will face consequences as well.


    Her anti-Semitism will continue in the future, and the progressive socialists agree with much of what she says but will not come out and say it. Omar has stated that Israel is not a democracy but can’t explain that equal rights in Israel are guaranteed. Even Arab citizens in Israel are allowed to vote and Israel is a completely integrated country and does not face the segregation of the Arab world that Omar loves so dearly. She lied about supporting Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS movement during her campaign. The speed with which she changed her mind on BDS is an example of how much she was willing to lie to attain office. The BDS movement, which Omar adheres to is a worldwide movement to deny the Jewish people to self-determination. She has tried to play the victim, claiming that people are picking on her for being a Muslim.


    It might have something to do with Omar blaming the United States for acts of terrorism, claiming our involvement in other peoples affairs is the cause. Has she ever declared ISIS as being part of the problem for the same reason? Or is the massive beheading, rapes, and murders carried out by ISIS on Christians just collateral damage? She seems to believe that Islamic terrorism started on 9/11 and was only directed towards the United States. Was the attack in Kenya in 2013 directed towards the US? Omara seems to think so. It ended with 71 dead and over 200 people wounded. She does admit the terrorism is an ideology and the means to an end result. So it is time to ask what h ere ideology towards terrorism is. Being a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee allows her to view the confidential information with no oversight of what she may do with that information. She was appointed to the committee by Speaker Pelosi, leaving very little doubt the progressive socialist Democrat party has become an anti-Israel party and are eager to push forward the anti-Semitism of the party members.


    She refuses to admit that her hatred of Israel and the tropes she has used that were well learned by her in the Islamic world are to main points of disagreement. Omar does not understand how any of her comments could be construed to be anti-Semitic or offensive to the Jewish people. She implies that saying the Israelis have hypnotized the world and that Jewish groups have paid off members of our government to the point where they do not know where their loyalties lie is the typical Islamist trope from many years ago and do not sit well with those who support the only democracy in the Middle East.


    The hostility to Israel started in the progressive socialist under the Obama administration. Our Muslim in chief moved the United States away from Israel to appease his Muslim and Arab friends. The Iran deal was to assure that Iran would continue forward on its nuclear program to the detriment of Israel. And Obama pushed for a UN Security  Council resolution condemning Israel’s presence in Jerusalem.


    Of course, all the leftists will whine and cry that those who disagree with this Islamist are “Islamophobic”, a word created by the terrorist managers of CAIR to stifle debate. Perhaps these terrorist organizations are understanding that the American people have awoken from the lies they spout forth. Perhaps Omar is just another cog in the wheel or trying to bring Islamic principles and sharia law to the United States. The Islamists and socialists will continue to work together to further devalue the principles and culture of the American people. It is not bigoted to say so, it is not white privilege to expect the members of Congress to at least appear to work towards the betterment of our country for all our people.


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