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Climate Control Nazis

  • In the early 70’s we had global cooling according to the “experts” such as Newsweek magazine in 1975. In the '80s and '90s, we had global warming bought to us by the eminent "expert" Al Gore. Both of these did not fit the facts, so now we have rushed toward climate change. The paid or scientists of which there is no 97% consensus, have found that ANY weather can be explained by calling it climate change. Floods and droughts, hot and cold spells, can all be explained by the "climate change" label. Although contrary to what the progressive socialists and media tell us there is , in fact, no models that show the changes that have not been massaged to fit the results that they feel the American people will swallow hook, line, and sinker.

    Now we have progressive socialists like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez a self-proclaimed "expert" on the environment pushing a Green New Deal by proclaiming that we must over the next ten years destroy our economy and country or the world will end in 12 years. A replay of Al Gore’s claims of doom,     (according to Gore, the Antarctic should be melted by now.) These are the same people that believed the IPCC in 2001 when it proclaimed that snow would be a thing of the past. Increasing snowfall since 2015 culminating in the largest snowfall worldwide (even in Egypt” has put the lie to that. Obama’s science czar has claimed that the cold temperatures over the past ten years are also a part of global warming and there is a growing body of evidence that proves it. When asked to show the evidence, he refused.

    it will not sit well with the citizens of our country other than those low information voters who refuse to do the research and determine the facts for themselves. The “climate change” hoax is nothing more than a United Nations global climate regime intent on controlling human activity. Now we see Occasion Cortez putting forth a doomsday agenda that has been tried in the past any time. The agenda that Mother Earth will hit back at the evil humans doing damage to her and we must all go back to caveman living if Mother Earth is to survive.  Once again this is our "Last Chance" and like all the others will be found to be lies and falsehoods.

    The facts are stubborn things, and willful ignorance of those facts as shown by the progressive socialists, media, and academia will have an effect or in any way change the facts as they are known. Claiming to be the party of science, the liars and paid off scientists continue to claim the facts are on their side by cherry picking and distorting the truth.

    For example, Nils-Axel Morner who served on the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)  has definitively shown the sea levels are not rising. Dr. Morner, retired head of Paleogeophysics and geodynamics at Stockholm University has proven that sea levels are more likely to decline rather than increase. When Dr. Morner presented his facts to the IPCC, they simply ignored him. Was the reason for neglecting factual data by the United Nations the fact that the UN has made "climate change" a political ploy rather than the scientific objective at looking at all data and coaxing out the truth? Perhaps it is before the UNIPCC cannot use the facts to institute the socialistic policies of the UN  to control peoples lives throughout the world, much like Occasion Cortez is attempting in this country.

    Contrary to the hysterical ranting of the media, 97% of scientists do NOT believe in the global warming hoax .Dr. Morner believes that 90 percent of physicists and 80 of geologists do not believe in anthropogenic global warming and that the numbers in the media have been skewed to try and show a consensus that is not true. In the Journal of Environmental Sciences, Dr. Morner wrote” Observationally based facts document a present change in absolute sea level ranging between 0.0 and 1.0 millimeters per year. This sea level rise poses no threat whatsoever. In New York City, sea level is rising at a rate of 2.80 millimeters per year. This would lead to a sea level rise by 2100 of 23.3 centimeters that can be handled without any problems." Considering that 23.3 mm is about the size of 1/2 inch, the numbers put forth by the IPCC, the globalists and the screaming banshees of government and media are flat out lies.

    A former Harvard University physicist Dr. Lubos Mott called the SR15 report “garbage” and contained no true, useful or original content being nothing more than a repeat of the debunked 2013 and 1018.

    MIT Meteorology Professor called the report an “implausible conjecture backed by false evidence”

    Dr. Roy Spencer who served a senior scientist for climate studies at NASA and principal researcher at the University of Alabama Huntsville referred to global warming alarmists as "global warming Nazis with pseudo-scientific ramblings who support radical fascist policies that threaten the lives of millions of people. Kind of sounds like the Green New deal doesn't it?

    The Non-Governmental International Panel on Climate Change an organization of 117 scientists report that the use of fossil fuel has been a major factor at the progress of humanity and the well being of the people on our planet. It has been proven that the primary data that the IPCC and others use to make their doomsday prediction are at least flawed with over 70 problems in the flawed data being used. Even the UN has admitted that the Paris Climate Accords that President Trump refused to be a part of has been shown to be useless and is nothing more than a power and money grab of the oligarchs pursuing the agenda of control and power.

     Through the Rockefeller Foundation, the UN, and various globalists have continually kept "climate change" in view to expand their autocracy, to keep poor countries poor, and the make first world countries accountable to faceless bureaucrats who want nothing more than the money that the countries have worked hard to build. The UN COP24 Climate summit will do nothing more than to spread more doom, with threats of an apocalypse that cannot be proven and are based on facts and models long disproven.

    The IPCC Special Report 15 has claimed that the planet MAY become 2.7 degrees F warmer than preindustrial levels. Using such words as “may” is what they use in order to show not factual content to base the number on, nor do they explain that the Earth, in its past, has been much warmer throughout its history culminating in no ill effects to the Earth or those who inhabit it. The “models” claimed by the IPCC has always shown results that were too high according to the factual evidence because of manipulation of the results. Putting aside the declaration that the burning of fossil fuels creates any warming or climate change are not revealed in the SR15 report. What is revealed is scare tactics being used to push an agenda on the people have no factual basis in the report.

    Friends of Science, a non-profit organization based in Canada has dismantled the claims throughout the IPCC report and the claims made based of Faulty science. Friends of Science is an organization of earth, atmospheric, engineers, and solar scientists who have shown that people are being misled.

    Also informative is the global warming Nazis pressuring any publication of those with the facts that refute their claims. 97% of scientists lie is based on papers that have been published. When the leftists and globalists of the global warming hoax are able to pressure publications to not print any “deniers” the number skew to a ridiculous level.

    Climate alarmists have been heard advocating for totalitarianism and murder as a way to fight global warming. The “deniers” are finding more and more lies from those scientists who advocate for fascistic regulations to curtail the progress of humanity.

    My next column will delve into the Green New deal and environmental activists.

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