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The New Socialist Gang of Four

  • The “Squad” has denigrated our country in ways that would have been considered reprehensible just a few years ago. Because of the sycophantic hard work done by the media, these four have been uplifted to a position of power totally undeserved by anything they have done either in the past of the present.

    When President Trump called them out, declaring they should go back to where they came from, and fix the challenges that are being faced there and then come back and show us how it is done, the shrill cries of “Racism” immediately shut out any reason or discussion about the void that these four have brought to the Congress. The rest of the progressive socialists that are now the Democrat party ignore all this. They are more interested in continue to push the collusion hoax to get the revenge they seek on President Trump.

    That allows these four freshman representatives to say whatever they want, knowing they will be protected by the progressive socialists and the media.  When one of these four is called out on the ideologies and policies, they toss out. The first step is to whine about racism or sexism and play the victim. They claim they are receiving death threats, a statement debunked by Capitol Hill police statistics that show a decrease in the number of credible threats that include both conservatives and progressive socialists.

    So let’s look at the past actions and statements that these four socialist have made in the past and see where they fit in to the fabric of the forum of Congress.

    All four along with the rest of the progressive socialists want to abolish ICE and leave our borders open. Working in coordination with globalist like George Soros they feel that borders must be abolished, our way of life destroyed, and the laws and regulations that make our country the exceptional country that it is are to be ignored. Immigration is in shambles because there is no enforcement of laws that are already on the books. Combined with national and international corporations in conjunction with the National Chamber of Commerce have lawmakers convinced that we need more unskilled illegal aliens to keep costs of doing business down.

    Alexandria Occasion Cortez

    As a newly elected member of the House of Representatives, Ocasio-Cortez has called the country Garbage. Has anyone asked if this was a major point when she was a candidate? Did she feel that our country needed to bow down to socialism to improve our culture fundamentally? She has called President Trump a "fascist" and accused the United States as running concentration camps. She even went so far as to include "Never Again" in her statement, a clear relationship to the Holocaust. But what can we expect? She has never learned history. The high point of our country according to Americas best-known bartender is the moon landing. Does she know any history before that? Or do her handlers find her talking points for her? The New Green Deal, a total non-starter for any intelligent discussion of the climate had Ocasio-Cortez claiming the world will end in 12 years unless we destroy the economy and move back our culture and way of life back to the 1800s. Even her puppet master chief of staff said that the Green New Deal is not about the climate, but the destruction of our economy.

    She caused Amazon to decide to build elsewhere because of her financial illiteracy. She made it sound as if Amazon was getting $3 million from New York State, not understanding that Amazon was in line to get tax credits based on the number of jobs created. With Amazon going to more welcoming areas, Occasion-Cortez cost the area where Amazon was going to build up to $30 billion in new tax revenues and 25,000 jobs. It is no wonder that with such moves against the people in her constituency they hold her in low regard with only 9% with a favorable view of Ocasio-Cortez.

    For a freshman representative to claim the Speaker of the House keeps her too busy is laughable. Why did you run to go to Congress if not to work? I am sure the Congress is so sorry for getting in the way of your limelight and expect you to work.

    On the subject of the Holocaust, Rashida Tlaib discussed that the death of 6 million Jews givers her a calming feeling. And that she was proud of the Palestinians who gave their land and assistance to the Jews during the formation of the Israeli state. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Palestinians and other Arab leaders worked with Hitler to assist in the extermination of the Jews. Rather than provide a safe haven for the Jews as Tlaib declares, the Palestinians and all other Arabs worked toward the destruction of the Jews in their homeland. In the early part of 2019, Tlaib used a video for fundraising that stated Jews are "satanic" and the Holocaust never happened. Of course, the mainstream media ignored it and Tlaib to this day has not explained why she used the video.

    Hamas apologist Ayanna Pressley spoke of bringing fire to immigration enforcement. An Antifa supporter attempted just that against an Ice facility in Washington state. It is very informative that none of the four “Squad” members has spoken out in condemnation of this attack. To the “Squad” socialist past President Maduro of Venezuela is a hero. It was the socialist policies much like these four are pushing now that has led to a once modern and rich Venezuela into a cesspool of socialism. Ayanna Pressley does not take anyone who may be a minority seriously unless they agree with her. Like the rest, you must agree with her view, or be considered a non-entity. Pressley even as far as to say that those minorities that agree with Pelosi were race traitors. Using the dog whistles of the squad, speaking with a “black” “Brown” “Muslim” or “queer” voice means nothing more than agreeing with her and remaining of the progressive socialist plantation.

    And then there is the corrupt, tax cheating, Ilhan Omar. Given refuge by our country, Omar is foremost in denigrating our country and the culture that has made our country the beacon of hope to millions it is today. She will be forever known as the jihadist in our Congress who described Sept 11th as the day “someone did something.” When she received pushback including the attack on the twin towers, both Omar and Ocasio-Cortez whined that it was too “triggering” to show what happened on that day. Omar went so far as to declare that America will not be a country of white people. She has no concept of the divisiveness she causes, and that the people of this country are the type of people that work together for the good of the country. She will only listen to those who tear down the country and want to be victims. Neither have any respect for those who perished on that day. Omar has gone as far to blame our country for the Al-Shaba massacre in a shopping mall in Kenya. Before coming to the House, she asked a judge for clemency for ISIS recruits and described the terrorist group as a radical approach to change-making. Omar will not condemn Islamic terror and tried to appear to be insulted when asked. It might work better if the area she represents wasn't the number one area in the country for terrorist recruitment.

    Omar is well versed in Anti-Semitic tropes. She accuses our lawmakers of being shills for Israel, and have dual allegiance. Her introducing the BDS bill in Congress which will never be brought to the floor is nothing more than another chance to stand in the hallowed halls of Congress and call Israel racist. Both her and Rashida Tlaib have declared an affinity of Hamas, CAIR, and other Muslim Brotherhood entities.

    The “Squad” speak of truth to power, but neglect to mention that the truth they speak relies on the low informed. A shift away from the progressive socialists is starting. In one county in Florida, there has already been a marked shift to conservative ideology. The American people will never accept the anti-American and divisive class politics that these four socialists proclaim. Ever the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) retraining the little Trotskys never to use the words, "socialism" "Marx" or any other form of socialist dogma in recruiting. They are telling the recruiters to mention income inequality, a living wage, and votes for illegal aliens relying on the open borders to swell the socialist numbers. They know they can’t win without those they are giving free benefits to, so that is why they push for open borders. And with the help of other socialists organizations and George Soros are vehemently against Voter I.D. and against E-Verify.

    These four, unable to explain what Democratic Socialism is, are now the face of the Democratic Party. The agenda that they have put forth including illegal immigration, the destruction of the morality of the nation, the revival of past racial animus, giving away benefits to overburden our treasury. The socialists starting with the Gang of Four, must force open borders to get new voters for the socialist cause. Academia has taught our young voters on the virtues of socialism and of always being a victim. We have a generation of self-absorbed children who feel that they serve everything without having to work for anything.

    John Veliseks’ new book “One Patriots Opinion- for the Forgotten Men and Women of America” is now available on Kindle/Nook. Patriots! It is time to fight back.

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