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The Push for Progressive Socialism

  • It’s time to tell the truth and understand the ramifications of Black Lives Matter.  Anyone who counters the propaganda with "All Lives Matter" faces sharp criticism, and in one case, this last weekend a bullet in the skull resulting in the death of a 23-year-old mother. Black lives matter only to advance the leftists' political agenda. Unless the program is already established by the propaganda of media, academics, virtue signaling corporations and celebrities, black lives do not matter. Black Lives Matter is not vociferously loud when it comes to abortion. It does not cry loudly over the thousands of deaths in cities like Chicago or Los Angeles, where wholesale slaughter has overtaken all law rules.

     Black Lives Matter is not interested in school vouchers for children going to failing schools. They can't discuss school vouchers because the Marxist teacher's unions are refusing to admit to the failures and are deeply in fear of any competition that may make clear the failures they have forced upon our children. The teachers union is complicit in the failure of our children. From teaching sex and homosexuality to our children and participating in the transgender lies to Common Core to the newest lie, The 1619 Project, it is all planned as another facet in the destruction of our culture and country.

     They finger point at white supremacy or gun control, but it is all a sham.  The past has shown the building of this in academia. Herbert Marcuse was teaching university students the lies about socialism in 1960. He used the philosophical foundations of Marxism to indoctrinate his students with a visceral hatred of our country. This is the basis used to force “acceptable” speech on the citizens today.

    The officials at our universities have turned a blind eye to this subversion, and those indoctrinated by the leftists are the ones who run the universities and school boards and are in lockstep with the newer students of anarchy. They are the ones whose hands have caused the violence towards conservative students of all university campuses.  Freedom of speech codes used to silence dissent is now being expanded to the entire country.

    Violence is a common denominator throughout the movement. Walking into a Madison Wisconsin Target and declaring “Give me money or we’ll break windows” is what Devonere Armani Johnson did about a week ago. His arrest led to riots, which, of course, led to the broken windows he threatened. The question then became, would Johnson be held accountable for the hate and violence he spread throughout Madison. The relief of the store owners was that at least this once, the federal government finally stepped in.

    Academia and mass media have shown to be nothing more than paid mouthpieces for these antisocial anarchists. Both are in agreement that our country is so broken that it must be destroyed and replaced with something more equitable, meaning in their minds, socialism. Informative is that none of those spouting the lies they have been taught has ever lived under socialism. None of them have seen the abridgment of rights or mass killings or mass starvation of a socialist country like Venezuela or Cuba. And very few of them understand that once the “revolution” starts, they will be the first to go. The only things that matter are their feelings, which they have been taught is more important than the rule of law or moral culture.

    Everyone from our politicians to everyday people are being told that they must snitch on their neighbors. Michael Korenberg, board chairman at the University of British Columbia, was forced to resign because he liked tweets that were considered politically incorrect. Emmanuel Caffery, a Latino contractor, was fired for making the OK sign, which the mob has ruled is erroneous and hurtful.  Others have also been fired, isolated, and forced o to resign because of doing something these crybullies deemed offensive. And yet, punishment for the thought crimes continue, People are being snitched on my colleagues, family, and even big corporations. This virtue signaling has ruined countless people's lives for unintentional thought crimes to silence those that disagree with the progressive socialist agenda. The Holy Land grocery was shunned by the community, had its lease pulled, and is virtually out of business for a racist tweet by the CEO's daughter, who was 14 eight years ago when she wrote the tweet.

    And yet knowing that you are "colorblind," and judging people by their character is also racist. In a time of perceived racial strife, why does the media, the progressive socialists, universities all push race to the center of the table on every discussion. Why do they work so hard to divide the American people? Why do they work so hard to destroy the challenge of racial harmony that this country had been coming to terms with before Obama. Where is the benefit of groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, George Soros, and his Open Society Foundation in the healing of our country? We all know it isn't there. They do not want to heal this country. They want to destroy it.

    Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, has stated that gun control has lead to the senseless violence that has left the black youth of Chicago lying in pools of blood. The progressive socialist powers that be in our cities don't see the need for change and pay lips service to the carnage by trying to push the blame onto Republicans, even though Democrats operate these cities. It must not ever be reported by the mainstream media because all the authority and agendas must be kept in place to keep the poor of all colors down to exploit further the damage being done.  The media and progressive socialists will do everything they can to coerce the American people into subjugation to the agenda they have put forth. They will try to force all of us to acquiesce to the demands of the masters.

    The media that so denigrated the Tea Party movement has been hiding all the fears, threats, intimidation of citizens, and the coercion and violence occurring all over our country. They need these acts because the progressive socialists, through organizations lie BLM and Antifa, cannot explain or make palatable to the citizens of our country the merits of what they are seeking in the agenda put forth and financed by globalists such as George Soros and others. They refuse to declare that individual rights, humanity towards others, and capitalism are the antithesis of what they need to feel powerful. They continue to push the progressive socialist identity politics that started with Obama and moved forward to transform our country into the socialist utopia they have as an agenda. It will be quite a shock when they finally understand that the American people enjoy the individuality of doing with their lives what they feel is right.

    All of the riots, all the destruction was laid out and planned, just waiting for the spark to set it off. It was widespread and well-financed. Progressive socialists calling themselves Democrats fanned the flames, withheld law enforcement, and let their cities burn. All the factors that led to this position we are in, the progressive socialists, George Soros, and Black Lives Matter and uneducated youth, have led to where we are.  The media has given Black Lives Matter an almost mythical pedestal and written off the violence that all others must bow to. We must kneel to the power of Black Lives Matter and the other anarchists. And they expect us to be afraid of the power they have been given. The truth is that all these anarchists are a vocal minority whose rhetoric does not resonate with the vast majority of our country's citizens.

    Now we have paragons of ineptitude like Ocasio-Cortez claiming that the children being gunned down in places like Chicago, St. Louis, New York, and other areas of the country are being victims for wanting to shoplift bread. I haven't heard any concerns expressed by her or anyone else over shoplifters. But statements like that play into the victimology of Black Lives Matter, and fans the flames of a catastrophe that AOC doesn't understand. She is not willing to face the fact that while she lives in her high-security building with her private security that people are dying in the streets for an agenda that will destroy this country.

    It is also apparent that black lives do not matter once blacks put on the uniform of law enforcement. Those in law enforcement are the "thin blue line" that protects us all.  But Black Lives Matter has its agenda. The destruction of capitalism, the uprooting of traditional families, and reparations for long past injustices that no one alive had ever been a part of is all a part of the progressive socialist agenda to destroy society's framework. 

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