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Debates and Lies

  • Less than a week to the election and the mainstream media is still shilling for Joe. I watched the last debate and concluded that Joe Biden is not only steeped in plagiarism but in deceit as well.

    Let's look at some of the falsehoods that the candidate intentionally made.

    Biden made a point to claim that President Trump called American veterans "suckers and losers." Being a veteran myself, this is something I made an effort to investigate. Also, in a speech in Wisconsin made the same claim but declared that every outlet had confirmed it.  Speaking very positively about the sacrifice that our military veterans have made in the past, Biden never did explain that he and Obama did NOTHING for our veterans when he was in charge. There was no confirmation by anyone, so his statement is a lie.

     More than a dozen current and former Trump administration have debunked this claim, yet Biden continues to use it. Even John Bolton, a rabid Trump critic, has stated that Trump never said it. Biden also spread far and wide the debunked story that Russia was paying bounties to Afghans to kill American soldiers. Everyone from Defense Secretary Mark Esper to the Commander of U.S. Central Command has proven there is no evidence to corroborate the report.

    Biden has made a point to spread fear about the China virus to the American people. He has blamed the unemployment rate on Trump's mismanagement, declaring we have double the rate compared to Europe. The truth is that the U.S. economy shrank less than all other major industrial countries. A look at the numbers shows that the U.S. economy shrank at 9.5% while the Eurozone shrank by 12.1 %. The United Kingdom by 20.4% in the first quarter. In the second quarter, the numbers were even better. US-9.5%, Spain 22.1 %,United Kingdom 21.7 %. Once again, a Biden lie.

    Along with the progressive socialists in the far-left Democrat Party- Biden continues to claim President Trump has not condemned white supremacy. From Charlottesville forward, President Trump has continually condemned white supremacy. What was it that President Trump said at Charlottesville?

    Here is the quote:

    “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally-but you had many people in the group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists, okay? Now in the other group also, you had some very fine people but you also had troublemakers and you see them come in their black outfits and with helmets and baseball bats.”

     From August 12th,14th,15th, President Trump reiterated the same concept in his speeches. Since then, President Trump is still being asked the same questions by the sycophantic media that refuse to take yes for an answer. After the shootings in 2019 in El Paso and Dayton, President Trump condemned racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.

    Another Biden lie is the declaration during the CNN infomercial that passed for a town hall complete with “undecided” Biden voters that President Trump held a bible outside St. John’s Episcopal Church upside down. The supposedly peaceful protesters were filmed assaulting journalists, vandalized property, and threw rocks and bottles at both the police officers and Secret Service, and set the church on fire.

    Biden lied about no one losing their insurance under Obamacare. Numbers show that at least six million lost their private health insurance because Obama outlawed any private insurance that did not match the overpriced Obamacare programs. The Obamacare programs required the American people to pay for programs that contained coverage that many people did not need. We all remember Obamas’  lie of the year "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan." And "Insurance prices will save the average American $2600. A year. Both lies that both Obama and Biden were lies. Combined with high deductibles that most Americans could not afford, Obamacare has led to the destruction of average American insurance.

    Biden lied about his position on fracking. To vote for this senile old man, you have to believe all the lies he tells rather than video proof of his statement that Biden would ban fracking and coal.

    Biden lied about opposing Trumps' China travel ban. Biden and the other progressives on the left called President Trump a racist and xenophobe for stopping travel from Chine. Perhaps he was upset because he thought the ban would prevent the monies that Hunter and the rest of the Biden family were getting from China.

    Biden lied about illegal aliens coming back for the court dates given under "catch and release." The actual numbers that return are about 2%. There is no incentive for them to come back. President Trump stopped catch and release, which Biden is determined to reinstate. Combined with sanctuary cites, which Biden also supports, there is no limit to the number of illegal aliens that will be forced upon our country.

    Contrary to all studies, Biden claims that more than doubling the minimum wage will not hurt businesses or employees. A small business can't afford this doubling of payroll expenses, and claims it has not been proven to hurt the economy are false. If you raise the minimum wage and companies start to downsize to the tune of over 12 million jobs, how does not strain our economy even further? Businesses trying to stay afloat during the lockdown will close and never return.

    Biden claimed he knew nothing about Hunters business and claimed the Email scandal is just another part of a Russian Hoax. Five former heads of the C.I.A. from both parties and the Director of the D.N.I. have said that these denials are  a bunch of Garbage. The evidence is overwhelming, including verified emails from a co-worker with Hunter Bien. Yet to be explained is the F.B.I. had this information since the end of 2019. No one seems to be interested in why the F.B.I. did not disclose or even investigate the emails.

    Biden claimed that President Trump has not taken control of the coronavirus but has no plan other than doing what President Trump is already doing. The early testing failures that Biden is so fond of mentioning had two factors. 1. There was no testing available. Each virus of this type needs specific testing. And 2. C.D.C.'s original testing was faulty and needed to be replaced. Biden has yet to explain why there was virtually no P.P.E. testing material in the warehouse when they were needed. Obama and Biden decimated any supplies and never replaced them.

    Joe Biden claimed that Rudy Giuliani provided information to the New York Post on the Hunter Biden scandal and Burisma that was information fed to him by Russia. The attack on Giuliani had never been verified or confirmed.

    Joe Biden has also claimed that the Trump administration caused the deficit with China to increase. A lie, the deficit between the U.S. and China fell 6.7%. This is the lowest rate since the year Obama became President.

    Pandering to the illegal vote, Biden has claimed that those cited during catch and release almost always make the court date given to them. According to a pilot program studied by both D.H.S. and D.O.J. found that more than 87% of those released under catch and release did not show up for asylum hearings. This leads D.H.S. to attempt to locate and deport individual illegal aliens, a waste of federal resources, and taxpayer money.

    Biden, along with other media talking heads, made the claim that President Trump suggested that those with the China virus inject themselves with bleach. While President Trump did discuss the use of disinfectants and ultraviolet therapy at a press conference, only someone with the I.Q. of a box of rocks would believe that the discussion included injecting bleach.

    In the same vein, Biden wants the American people to hold President Trump responsible for the China virus. Both the W.H.O. and China withheld information on the severity of the outbreak. China was not forthcoming of the genetic markup for the virus, and the W.H.O. was not open on the virus's contagious properties. The protocol for distributing 100 million doses of a vaccine, with the ability to ramp up to about 200 million a month is also in place. Everything that Biden discusses when he says he could do better is already being done. From rapid testing to mask usage, Biden is far behind what the President has already done. The states set the standard for masks. There is not and should not be a federal mandate, as Sleepy Joe suggests.

    Another Biden gaffe concerned a statement that President Trump has “no clear plan” for coronavirus. Left out of the information by Biden is that the states are responsible for the mitigating factors of the virus. Also not mentioned was the use of the D.P.A. to make ventilators, P.P.E., and all the products needed to help get the China virus under control.

     Biden claimed that nothing was done by President Trump to help small businesses during the pandemic. Perhaps Sleep Joe was napping during the passage of the Paycheck protection Program (P.P.P.)  that provided over $511 billion of loans to small businesses. The P.P.P. was responsible for saving 51 million jobs. Alfredo Ortiz, President, and C.E.O. of the Job Creators Network said in a statement after the debate the Biden has made one of the biggest blunders in debate history. Even Bidens’  coronavirus advisor Ron Klain admitted the Trump Administration was far from doing nothing. You should notice that Biden never mentions “Operation Warp Speed.

    There are many questions that still be needed to be answered. Covid has been a disaster for small businesses. Still, Biden never discusses what he could do to help when Nancy Pelosi is holding up the funding until she gets money for Democrat states that need capital to bail out their pensions or healthcare for illegal aliens that she has placed in the bill. He has stated that he will shut down the country again, contrary to the W.H.O. declares shutdowns are counterproductive. Biden discusses a tax plan, but like all of his other statements, including packing the Supreme Court, offers no details. He cannot answer any questions of what he will do to establish a foundation for the citizenry's social welfare without turning to socialism. Biden can continue to discuss that President Trump has not come up with a healthcare plan. To do that, he must ignore the America First Healthcare Plan revealed on September 24th. Biden claims President Trump will take insurance away from those with pre-existing conditions, ignoring the executive order ensuring pre existing conditions will be protected in any healthcare plan.

    Along with the sycophantic media, Biden has made a big story about President Trump having a Chinese bank account. The fact of the matter which would have been clear if the media investigated before their attempt to help Biden would have shown the back account was not secret, but more importantly, was not Trumps'. The bank account was the property of Trump International Hotels Management, L.L.C., and was opened to pay local taxes and to search out potential deals in Asia. No transactions or any business activities have occurred since 2015. Biden refuses to say if Hunter's dealings with China could pass the scrutiny.

    There is more to come in the next column.  But this is more than enough to give an idea of how easily lying comes to Biden and the media that supports him. Is this the type of man we want to represent our country?

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