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A Stolen Country Part 1

  • The media is now continually talking about the stolen 2020 election as being free and fair. From the high perches they claim as their own, they badger the riff-raff to agree with their pronouncements and ask no questions. The progressive socialist Democrats and media (but I repeat myself) call all the evidence of election irregularities lies and expect more than half the country just to shut up and believe them. I, for one, will not. There are too many irregularities to ignore. First, leftists claimed there were NO irregularities, then they claimed there weren’t enough to make a difference, and now they call it all lies, and you are a fascist if you question them. Here are the FACTS as known so far:


    It is interesting how things had changed since 2005 when senile hypocrite San Fran Nan called the progressive socialist opposition to the presidential electors from Ohio “democracy at work.” She claimed that the opposition was fundamental to our democracy. She spouted that the opposition was to protect their aggrieved constituents who had been disenfranchised. Claiming that it was appropriate to debate while the American people were listening and at the same time excoriated the integrity of our elections. In Pelosi's words, “ It is imperative that the American people have confidence that every legal vote is counted and be accurate.” The change that has befallen our election was calculated to destroy any semblance of legality.


    So, where do we go from here? What does this country have to look forward to? Social cleansing has already begun. Conservative sites and voices are being de-platformed. Freedom of speech is no longer valid on social media. Parler has been shut down, Twitter followers were moving to Parler by the thousands, and Twitter itself is closing down individuals who do not toe the progressive socialist party line. People are noticing and need to understand that this is how the Nazis started. Closing down the press, including FOX, OAN, and NEWSMAX, will be next, as the progressive socialists are demanding that the citizenry not be allowed to see anything not approved through the new politburo the AOC's and violent agitators living in mommy's basement. They will continue to push until all thoughts of freedom and individual thought have been purged.

    Twitter permanently suspended the Presidents personal account and his government and campaign accounts as well. Facebook blocked the President until his term expires and will decide when to reopen his account after that. They have been adding bogus information to the base of every input from Trump. They also gave a contribution-in- kind to China Joe's campaign by blocking information about China Joe and his son Hunter to keep it from the American public. For the sycophantic progressive organization, the ACLU, it was too much. Kate Ruane, the senior legislative counsel, said that this unchecked power should be concerning when used to remove people from platforms just for the political reality of disagreeing with that party line. They do not want the range of ideas that this country embraces. These large social media companies have absolute immunity from being taken to court and sued because of Section 230, protection given to them by  Congress upon the companies' formation. With the progressive socialist Democrats being in charge, I expect the situation to worsen, and they will further constrain the citizens of our country from stating positions held by millions of people but shutting down individuals and groups that find solace that they are not alone in their opinions.

    ABC, that paragon of even-handedness, following in the tradition of such as Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot, has already had their Political Director Rick Klein call for a cleansing of the Trump movement across the country. It called for a process in the weeks and years to come to make not only those who created chaos in the Capitol, but we must police Americans evenly and make a commitment to fix it. Not mentioned were the summer riots of BLM/Antifa and the over $2 billion of damage done, the lives and businesses lost, or the fear of all colors and types of people in the country. That was called a peaceful protest. The Capitol riots were, of course, insurrection. 

    The Progressive socialists mentioned during the impeachment all the violence and that law enforcement's safety was paramount in importance. Where was that type of speech when police were being hurt and killed during the summer? All these same politicians could whine about was "peaceful protests" and "defund the police. The Capitol riots were wrong; all of us can agree with that. The leftists say the summer protests and the Capitol are not the same, and they are correct.

    The Capitol was not looted and burned down like the business in many of our large cities under Democrat control. If they want to call this an insurrection, they can. If this was an insurrection, it was poorly run, even though the word is now coming out that it was all pre-planned by Antifa and BLM. It is disturbing that there were some radical right extremists as well. The leftists want to blame it on the Proud Boys. I have met some of that group, an organization of all colors who believe in the constitutional rights the country is based on. There is no proof that any Proud Boys took part, and no one in the Capitol was armed. Our bartender from Brooklyn claims half of the Congress could have died with no proof. Just another lie to advance the garbage they need for a further crackdown.  The only person shot and killed was a veteran woman by the Capitol police.

    The media is complicit in our slide into socialism. Cnn has compared the BLM/Antifa riots this summer to our brave soldiers going ashore in Normandy. They consistently and continuously lie about the Russia Hoax. CNN and MSNBC have both denigrated our President in a way never seen before. Along with academia, they have pushed socialist/communist lies on the citizens. Children have been indoctrinated for the past twenty years on the glories of the socialist doctrine. Today, most millennials firmly believe that socialism would be better for our country without taking a look at the founding principles of socialism or how many people have died by their hands since it was coming on the scene in 1917. The students do not realize that there is monstrous evil within every person and are being told that our country is the root of all evil. The United States is not perfect, but our history has shown that the nation strives to improve.

    As has been stated many times in the past, President Trump is not the problem; we are. The American people have stood for freedom and our country. All the leftists in media, academia, and even globalist corporations have given themselves the right to destroy our culture, religion, and a way of life that gives the opportunity to all its people to move forward. Along with China and their puppet, China Joe, the next step in their plan is to destroy our economy and make everyone dependent on the government. That would make the citizenry easier to control and expects the populace to accept anything that the government will do meekly. As the Great Reset calls for, making the people fear for their lives and property will make the police state inevitable. Too many patriots remain to just meekly lay down for the socialist agenda.

    President Trump forced the progressive socialists to put their agenda of making the United States on hold. Both Democrats and Republicans are globalists and have no concern about the vast majority of working-class citizens' opinions. It was the protection that President Trump gave to the working class that has made him a threat to the elitist globalists who feel that they are so superior to the "little man" that they should be in charge of running everyone's life. The leftists controlled by the United Nations and the billionaire class can not allow the President to be seen as the one who had made our country safer or stronger. One step in their agenda is to declare all those who oppose them as “domestic terrorists.” These are the same people who locked down the entire country and will continue to keep it that way to destroy the economic independence that President Trump brought to everyone. Dick Durbin, a senator from Illinois, has put forth  the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act to fight "White supremacy" and "white nationalism." Durbin, along with Elissa Slotkin from Michigan, intend to use the legislation to stop civil and constitutional liberties for all who disagree with the socialist vision they have for the country.

    This is not the country that we deserve, nor the one that patriotic citizens of our country voted for. Antifa and BLM will continue to damage our cities with impunity. Do they really expect the citizens of this country to sit by as they destroy our country?


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