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A Stolen Country Part 3

  • On January 20th, 2021, the United States of America allowed, through various means, the progressive socialist elitists to start on the path of destruction of the legal and cultural norms that are the foundation of America. These same people have ignored the law to erode further the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The failure that undergirds all of this is twofold. One. Low information voters expect the working class to give them all they need, and two, the large minority of Americans who have been indoctrinated to believe that progressive socialism is a better choice. These anarchists do not understand that the deep visceral hatred that they hold for the American people and culture will not help them escape the bureaucratic oligarchy whose goal is to control every part of life, including theirs.

    Socialism has crept into our lives through academia, politics, social media, and even our court systems. The federal courts now believe that they are the arbiters of what is truth based on a faulty premise.  By the latest count, 545 US Federal officials turned their backs on the people they are sworn to protect. Violence has taken all the supposed ruling class's primary voice, and those who disagree fear to speak up. Our country must return to one of our country's founding principles- that those elected work for us, we do not work for them.

    And what has this election meant for this country? A Washington, D.C. that looks like Gitmo, and the rampant violence that Antifa/BLM and other anarchists have brought forth in the past and is being brought forth once again on the 6th of March once again with a national day of trying to promote fear into the American people. With the help of the Media, progressive socialists in the media, and even some Republican RINOS, it will continue to get worse over the next two years in a collective effort to silence those not part of the socialist playbook. The denial of the US's collective memories and achievements will take more than the destruction of statues and denying history. Those memories and achievements of the American people will live on in the psyche of the American people.

    Over the past four years, conservative voices have been pilloried by the media and the elites to silence them. They have been called homophobes, Nazis, and what the progressive socialists think is a game-changer, being called Nazis. Those who say that and those who believe it have no connection to actual reality or history. It was the Nazis who confiscated their citizen's guns, and it was the Nazis who attempted to curtail free speech; it was the Nazis who ruled by identity politics and dividing the people of their country much like the leftists are attempting in our country. Even our figureheads are in the Nazi tradition of doddering old fools being placed in charge by a bogus election and with the backing of global corporations and the talking heads that realize they must tow the party line to survive.

    And it should strike fear in the hearts of all Americans that we live in a time of identity politics whose sole purpose is to indoctrinate the citizens with the idea that all white people are racists. The next step already being discussed is reeducation camps. The purpose of these camps is to force the American citizenry to accept the coming communist/globalist tyranny that all the progressive socialists are working toward. The idea of deprogramming conservatives has gone as far as calling neighbors and even family members to become cyber detectives and turn in Trump supporters.   Progressive socialists have called conservatives radical extremists who must be purged and intimidated into accepting the socialist doctrine. MSNBC talking head Eugene Robinson, in true socialist fashion, declared, " There are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who need to be programmed. It's as if they are members of a cult, the Trumpist cult, and they have to be deprogrammed.” This is the fascist indoctrination that they are trying to force on the American people. It has been discussed that massive reeducation is required. But who gets to decide what is ethical or unethical influence. Interestingly, they call the populist movement that has spread during the Trump administration an authoritarian cult when they are using soviet and Chinese-style indoctrination to form a cult that they will control.

    These leftists hope that doesn't happen because the American people wake up to what they are trying to do. The cabal of progressive socialists and globalists, America haters all, seem to be proud of all the propaganda they make available to keep the American people from discovering the truth. It may work with the low information voters whose nose is always stuck in their phones working hard to become an influencer or attain more likes, but the American patriots who number in the millions know better.

    The true American patriots understand that it should not take a deployment of 25,000 National Guard troops to swear in a duly elected President. They also understand that the results of a faulty election do not constitute the coronation of a dictator. And all those in the media, academia, corporate board rooms, Big Tech, and propaganda machine continue to use identity politics to wage war on the American way of life. All of them slander everything that America was built upon, even going so far as calling the rule of law racist and ignoring it to meet their needs.

    They will continue to call the white people in this country white supremacists, racists, homophobic and xenophobic.  Everything and every white are now racist; slander is used so much and for any reason that both whites and blacks now ignore it. These anarchists will not define what an American patriot is and will not silence those who know our country, while not without any fault, is the best in the world. Calling for the punishment and humiliation of those who disagree with you is also the Nazi way, and it is the progressive socialists who have it down to an art form.

    The foundation of the different sides will not be allowed to be defined by the left's cancel culture. The use of phrases like "white privilege,"  "white supremacy," and systemic racism are nothing more than a word salad used by rich, liberal white elites and the affluent and privileged minorities. It is used to gain leverage, power, and money for their cohorts. It is used much like the talk of reparations to decimate the middle class, leaving the citizens poor and with no path to independence. It is used to force more and more people to be dependent on the government and, therefore, easier to control. And do not doubt that the privileged elites have no intention of giving up their amassed power.

    The concept of political correctness was meant to address the appropriate and thoughtful use of language to ensure the meaning of any relevant information was agreed upon by both sides in any debate. The leftists hijacking political correctness has morphed into a way to silence and intimidate and silence all who disagree with the socialist party line.  Even if over 30 years ago, a single tweet is enough for the "woke" crowd to go to the cancel culture concept of ruining a career. It has gone so far now to ruin the livelihood and reputation of those with a differing viewpoint. It has become a form of verbal fascism. The American people are being vilified for not believing the way that the Antifa fascists demand. This is a form of thought control and impedes the investigation of leftists and the violence it brings forth. These criminals have been designated as "justice-involved individuals" and, in many states, have been let out upon the populace on no bail.

    Corporate authoritarianism is in direct conflict with the populist movement that is coursing through this country's citizens. Secular in nature, these oligarchs seem to think they decide acceptable discourse among the American people. This goes so far as limiting what can be said in any group, church, or corporation. It has infiltrated our banks in refusing to do any business with Trump supporters; the PGA has pulled a long-standing tournament from a golf course owned by Trump, virtue signaling to all without considering the many jobs attached to that tournament. The organizations are moving towards a social credit system much like the Chinese Communist Party.

    The progressive socialists have also discussed the formation of a "domestic terrorism agency," much like the English have, to determine which American citizen could be a domestic terrorist. It would be a witch hunt of all those who refuse to tow the progressive socialist agenda. Ocasio-Cortez put forth that despite over 700 affidavits, videos showing wrongdoing, and the last-minute changes to election laws constitute a conspiracy that was the Capitol's impetus uprising which has incorrectly been labeled an "insurrection" by a progressive socialist. This is a glaring example of mainstream conservative thought being pushed aside by calling the conservative outlook "extremist" and "white supremacist." It will require that conservatives be considered essential to our country unless we learn the right rules, mindlessly agreeing to the facts of the "woke" socialists, and toe the line on the wokeness that leftists require. They want to require the citizens of this country to learn the “new” truths that are required. The rights that are a part of our culture can no longer be granted; we are expected to live by the rights they allow, including the collectivist duties that the elites assign us to. There will be an endless train of new truths that we will be required to obediently learn and follow to be a part of the new socialist "woke" culture.