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Lyin’ Chyna Joe Biden Part 1

  • It has been well over one hundred days since a senile demented old man has taken on the project to destroy America's economy, culture, and belief in itself. The lies of his administration and party have been used to further divide the country and the people within it. Using “woke”  corporations, academia social media has forced his divisive socialist propaganda amongst the American people. The powers that be are making demands on the American people that the citizens refuse to adhere to.

    So let’s take a look at some of the falsehoods that China Joe Biden spouts at routine intervals when they are regularly typed in large font on his teleprompter, and his meds are right, and that the media will not correct:

    Chyna Joe started lying even before his candidacy. First was the Charlottesville Lie. The lies that President Trump had called Nazis very fine people had been disproven at least eight months before Biden decided to run. But when has the truth ever mattered to the progressive socialists who want to dominate our politics when they know the MSM and social media will bobblehead like repeat whatever drivel they need. Chyna Joe has found helpful his minions in the mainstream media and even social media to cover up any lies and infractions that his administration and family may make.

    No one in the current media, perhaps FOX, OAN, or Newsmax excepted, will bring any of it forth to the people's attention. And unfortunately, a good portion of the American people are more concerned with the latest garbage on Instagram of the vast wasteland of garbage that passes for television these days.  Most of it is nothing more than indoctrination posing as enlightenment for the low information voters.

    I have heard chapter and verse from Chyna Joe and his flunkies on the Georgia election laws how it is nothing more than "Jim Crow 2.0". That exact line has been parroted by every talking head on the alphabet networks forever. No one has yet explained what is “Jim Crow 2.0” about these laws. You will never hear the explanation because there isn't one. I asked a liberal friend to explain what he can find about these changes in the Georgia law that reverted to Jim Crow. He could not answer. The next time one of your hammer and sickle flag-waving friends declares the Georgia election is "Jim Crow 2.0."

    Demand they point out precisely what is Jim Crow and how does it pertain to the current situation.  I know the answer- they will call you a racist and stomp away. Because even they know there is not one example of such a thing. The minion Beto  O’Rourke, most possibly the most ignorant man in Texas, started spouting off about counting jelly beans in a jar. Really? And where is that happening, you brain-dead progressive socialist lemming?

    Both Chyna Joe and Beto O’Dork, both towering intellects in the progressive socialist scheme of things, have no concept of free and fair elections. Joe is too far gone to recognize the anti-semitic progressive socialists are using him in his party, and the so-called "moderate" wing of the party is too cowardly to stand up and say no. The seats of power that they control are more important than the health of our country.  They know if they lose their seat, the rice bowl is gone. How could they continue taking bribes and getting the information they can use for their insider training, right NANCY?

    They are more concerned with the power and money they can control. Chyna Joe will bankrupt this country because he believes any money the ordinary workman has is the government's money. His promise of not taxing the middle class has always been a lie. Chyna Joe and the rest of his progressive socialist trolls understand that they must control all the power and money they can get their hands on. Remember, Chyna Joe and a great many of his minions have never started a company, or made a payroll, or even worked at a job outside of politics. It is time they are reminded that They work for the US; we do not work for them.

    With a sleight of hands, Biden declared he had kept his promise not to raise takes on the middle class by creating what will be rampant inflation in every aspect of American life, including gasoline and food. When another  20% of your money is going to food and the federal government for plans you have no control over, is that not, in essence, a tax. And he has already said that the Trump tax cuts, which 80% of the middle class, will not be renewed in 2025 when they are set to expire.

    Joe is in a position to help heal our country. He ran as a moderate willing to work in a bipartisan fashion to move our country forward. Biden promises were made, promises were definitely NOT kept.

     One promise that he did make and keep was the start of the destruction of oil and gas as the lifeblood of our country. Keystone Pipeline was locked down with the cumulative loss of 14,000 good-paying jobs. But we were assured by the French-American surrender monkey John Kerry that all would be well. They could make solar panels instead.

    Most of America knows that the past presidential election was questionable, to say the least. The media has tried their best to keep it hidden from us. Anyone who questions the elections is labeled a "domestic terrorist," and Chyna Joe is fine with that. The entire federal bureaucracy is doing the best it can to weed them out of any position of power, including the military.  This is being done to force the citizenry into the requirements needed by the progressive socialists' movement. The ideology, to them, is sufficient reason t impose whatever is necessary to reach the ends they are seeking.

    In the Speech to the Joint Sessions of Congress, our commander in Chief singled out these self-same "domestic terrorists". Our intelligence agencies have become progressive enough to claim that "white supremacy terrorism” has become the single most lethal terror threat to our country. Millions of Americans, I am sure, are cowering under their beds, waiting for the white nationalists to come and get them and perform unspeakable acts on them. Meanwhile, the sane population pokes their heads up from their work and says: What? Who? But the progressive socialists have a ready-made answer.

    ALL white people are racists!” All white people are responsible for our problems! And there is even one college professor that says she forces herself to hold back from shooting any white person she sees in the head. The mainstream media won't report it, and the Biden administration ignores it. In their view, it helps to divide our nation and creates the chaos required to enforce socialism.

    All stories will be tailored to fit the narrative. It must fit the narrative of the progressive socialist, who, in conjunction with the FBI of James Comey, The CIA of John Brennan, and the Justice Department of the convicted of contempt Eric Holder have fought every day to bring us to where we are today. Together with BLM and Antifa, the goal is to make the citizens cower in fear. The goal is the old soviet play of making the American people fear committing a "thought crime" to bludgeon them into submission. Think it can't happen; take a look at cancel culture and tell me it isn't true. It is nothing more than a reprise of the 1930 show trials where a citizen would be required to confess a past of thought crimes that the ruling class disliked. Disagree with the LBGTQ community- lose your job, your house, and your friends. Disagree with the progressive-socialist ideology, be hounded out of town. Dispute the election results- be called a terrorist and hunted down by the bureaucracy. Unless the American people stand up and put an end to this garbage, it will continue.

     Federal swat teams have broken into people's homes at early dawn for merely being at Capitol Hill on January 6 to attend what our government contends was an armed insurrection. An insurrection that has already been proven to have no arms, and Capitol Hill police were letting people in. Contrary to media reports, the only person killed that day was veteran Ashli Babbit, whose killer has not been named nor prosecuted.

    DHS Acting Director Chad Wolf proclaimed on October 6, 2020, that these white supremacist terrorists were lone offenders and small-cell of individuals. It kind of sounds like Antifa, doesn't it. The only difference is these supposed small groups of "white nationalists" don't burn down buildings or gang up on old people to brutalize them. Once again, following in the steps of the inestimable Jerry Nadler, Chyna Joe declared Antifa just an idea. I am sure that will come as great solace to the businesses were burned to the ground, a lifetime of late-night, sweat equity that was destroyed by those who have never worked a day in their life.

    And Chyna Joe,  our "moderate" president, is ok with all this if he is even aware.


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