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Lyin Chyna Joe Biden Part 2

  • The wreckage that our country faces did not start with the Biden administration. The socialist tendencies of the progressive socialist Democrats started way back in the era of Woodrow Wilson.  Since then, the government has required the citizenry to bow down to the false god of governmental power.

    Senator Bernie Sanders has stated, and Chyna Joe has echoed, that we can use the Covid 19 crisis to change the basic tenets of government and society work. Instead, the word- salads and doublespeak will work to tie the power they crave by aligning with such other areas as climate change, gun control, and the continuing racial divisiveness already being seen in our country. Biden talks of "white supremacy" and "diversity" as hallmarks of his enlightenment without ever defining what he means.

    Those of the left are fearful of many things.  Nationalism, liberty, patriotism, free speech are now being called evil by those who wish to destroy our country. Corporatism cannot take over until the world's nations are one, with corporatist oligarchs deciding everything for everyone. These oligarchs will allocate resources. In that way, those of fallen countries can not retaliate. If there is any feedback, they will take the resources like taking a toy from a little child for misbehaving. These corporatists will not hesitate to use any effort to collapse our culture and economics to ensure the United States will fall and become just another asset for the socialists and corporatists to split amongst themselves.

    The leftists feel they do not need to explain or define what they mean about any garbage they fill the airwaves with.  They feel they are correct, that you must agree with the diktats they spew forth to the masses, and that they have a narrative that will take no questions and allows no deviation. And it must be understood that your doing right or wrong does not matter to them. Morality is irrelevant. Because they think that their cause is just, the principles of duty, honor, and country are irrelevant to them. It is all about power, the power they crave to instruct every part of our lives.

    Big Media, Big Tech, the Media work in lockstep to spread disinformation, suppression of free thought, and the wolfpack “social justice” soy-boys that descend on any that disagree with the socialist agenda. They are very careful to stay unknown and to determine that all media promulgate the talking points that their handlers have told them

    Biden, along with his handlers in China and the progressive socialist party, has now started to send illegal aliens into the country's interior to the red states that did not vote for him. This serves two purposes for the globalists running the country.

    1. Because they are not tested at the border, but quickly rushed to other areas of the country without notification, there is no way to determine how many have Covid. Those that do have Covid, (thousands by CBP counting) will spread to areas all around the country. Then the politicized "experts" will declare an emergency and shut down the economy once again. And,   
    2. if the aliens survive Covid, the progressive socialists think they will be reliable voters, knowing that more freebies will come their way if they vote for the leftists.

    Biden, as President, is the greatest threat to the United States and the world. He is the doddering old man who is being used by the internal elements in our country intent on tyrant and oppression.

    The difference is that using the old soviet buzzwords of the past, the new form of tyranny uses the word "woke." It is being used to proclaim that they are better than anyone else, more intelligent than you, and know what is best for you. And what does it mean to be woke? Ask any woke socialist, and you will hear of such things as anti-white racism and "social justice." You will be lectured about the destruction of such things like morality, respect, and liberty as anachronisms no longer required by society. You will hear of the baseless arguments against religion, especially the Catholic and Christian faiths.  (Muslims are fine) and you will hear of how the majority of the country are low IQ bigots because they disagree with homosexuality. I as a Christian, have been called homophobic and oppressive because I disagree. A belief in traditional marriage and morality is considered old-fashioned.  Woke is nothing more than lies that the progressive socialists tell themselves, so the anarchy they hope to take our country down will be better received by the citizens of this country.

    The American people are starting to understand the forces of socialism tyranny that mark the behavior of the forces aligned against the American people. They know that suppression of free speech and expressions that they claim are "thought crimes," the Coercion of the people to submit to whatever the "woke" believe is best for them, the disruption and elimination of free thinkers who recognize and oppose what the "woke" is doing. The progressive socialist will ignore laws that attempt to stop the march that is on to totalitarianism. They hope they can take the agenda far enough that there will be no way at the next election to bring an honest government back. People are awake now; there won't be any stealing in the next election.

    Chyna Joe needs to make some changes. Declaring himself as a moderate when he did what campaigning he did, has been proven to be a lie, not the first and not the last from the left. Happily being led by the progressive socialists into destruction, he reads his teleprompter and goes back to his handlers to be told what a great leader he is. Biden is nothing more than a placeholder until the leftists feel they have enough power to toss him aside and take the power they feel is theirs. Let’s hope the American people will decide not to allow that to happen.

    In the progressive socialist administration of Chyna Joe, the powers that be in media, academics, celebrities, and the progressive leftists themselves have a plan to force the citizens of this country to fit the mold within the schedule to take power they have worked on for many years. The agenda is a reprise of the Obama “fundamental transformation” of the culture and beliefs of their heroes like Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. They have shown no care about individual rights but intend to force the individuals into the ideology. The “moderate”  Biden lied to the American people on many aspects of his philosophy. Far from being an uniter,  Chyna Joe has aligned with the progressive socialists that are his advisors and even his Cabinet.

    Chyna Joe has shown himself to be willing to lie, plagiarize, and even steal to further his policies. His entire family has demonstrated that he will do whatever is necessary to advance the family fortune, even at the expense of the American people. The sycophants in the media tell us to ignore our own eyes and believe the lies that are spoon-fed to us every day in academia and media. Those who are awakening to what the leftists plan to do and disrupt the agenda are called insurrectionists, racist enemies of the state. They ignore that the elected officials work for us; we do not work for them. They know that too many people will no longer act like a lemming in the higher elite level, nodding their heads to whatever pronouncements the elites send down to the peasants.

    The American people are waking to the fact that the Biden cabal wants to destroy the American way of life. The American patriots in this country will never grovel on the altar of a socialists utopia that has never worked. There will always be a majority of Americans of all colors that will not allow this to continue. The American people are not sheep, and those who still believe in the personal responsibility and individualism of the Founding Fathers will resist until the socialists are defeated. The arbitrary machinations of our federal government under Chyna Joe is not law, and it is not what the populist wing of the conservative party will accept. We are a nation based on the rule of law. If that law is ignored for the furtherance of the socialist agenda, the leftists also need to know; we will follow the rules of law on the conservative side until those who seek to destroy our country reach our breaking point.

    The progressive socialists have made rugged individualism and personal responsibility a part of canceling words that must not be used. Censoring the ideas that do not meet their agenda takes away the culture that has made this country what it is today. According to Biden, we must depend on the government for everything. The students in our schools are being indoctrinated not to accept the personal responsibility of their own mistakes, but to blame those mistakes on an ephemeral “ other." The "other" is most likely those of a different identity group. This identity propaganda is an effective way to divide our country even more. Countless talking heads have been denigrating Christian white males. In the case of Critical Race Theory, the entire white race, Academics have even vocalized the total genocide against whites, with no push back from the Biden administration. There are even members of his Cabinet whose jobs should be the betterment of all citizens that have declared whites racist.

    The identity politics instigated by Obama and accelerated by the Biden administration has lead to the decline in race relations in our country. Democrat cities that uphold the politics causing the division in our country have led to these Democrat cities being the murder, poverty, and violence capitals in the country. They are devolving into Black Lives Matter/Antifa outposts that ignore the massive black-on-black crime in Chicago but will burn down cities in an effort to spark even more violence.

    The progressive socialists will continue to provoke violence, and innocent people, both black and white, will lose their lives for the leftists to advance the plan to destroy the country. We are fast approaching the final violent stage that the Biden socialists and global corporatists, media, and even some religious institutions have in store for us.

    The progressive socialists have set back immigration to where border security is no longer obtainable. The Biden administration has invited illegal aliens worldwide to flood the American borders to cause chaos in many aspects. They whine about social justice and give these lawbreakers benefits to secure their votes, which they diligently work to make legal. They use taxpayer money to provide them with healthcare and housing, ignoring our veterans and others in the same position as the illegal aliens. It is to the point that both the Guatemalan and Mexican Presidents have called Biden the "migrant president." Another aspect of this crisis is that Biden did away with "Remain in Mexico" and reinstituted "catch and release. So today, illegal aliens are being released not only on the border but shipped to the interior of our country without any notification. CBP has admitted that these people being sent into the interior have not been tested for COIVD, and many are known to be infected. Perhaps the Biden administration hopes this will cause a rise in COVID cases, and they can try to enforce another lockdown.


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