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Lyin’ Chyna Joe Biden part 6

  • Now, almost six months into the Biden administration, very few are looking for any progress for our country. Much has been made of the executive orders by our leader and those woke socialists he has placed in various departments due to color or sexual orientation. The nihilism of the Marxists that are dismantling our country continues apace, with little pushback around. Those who oppose such blatant overreaches, such as critical race theory, are to shouted down by the progressive socialist sycophants in the media, academia, and Congress.

              This tyranny has not been done overnight. The democrat party has slowly morphed into the anti-American enemy of the state that we now see, culminating in the fraudulent election of a demented, senile puppet that will shuffle on and follow orders until he is gone.

              The order being given by the far-left "woke" wing of the party hides the fact that Biden ran as a moderate when he got out of his basement. Still, since the fraudulent election, he has stumbled wholeheartedly into the progressive socialist camp.

               Look at some of the steps taken by this administration and try to find one that has  moved our country forward:


              Biden required every head of every federal agency to review all regulations, policies, and other documents issued by the Trump administration that were deemed inconsistent with the “woke” climate agenda. He has allowed socialist California to set and enforce their fuel standards and vehicle emission policies throughout the country,

              Biden has done away with regulatory limits that moved our country's economy forward at a faster pace than had been seen in this country. This was an aspect of the Biden administration canceling an executive order in the Trump administration to maintain a searchable database of the guidance and regulations of federal agencies for use by citizens of this country.

              The Biden administration canceled the plan of the Trump administration to let more physicians prescribe opioid treatment drugs. Instead, rejoined the WHO, sending a  large amount of money to an organization indebted to China, and was involved in passing on Chinese lies to lead to the spread of the COIVD virus worldwide, leading to untold numbers of deaths.

              Concerning testing and distributing the COVID vaccines, Biden did nothing more than take President Trumps' plan and put his name on it. He issued an executive order forcing all those in the federal workforce to submit to the lies of critical race theory and removed workplace reforms for federal agencies to further the massive federal bureaucratic power to be unchecked. In addition, Biden revoked President Trump plan to expand apprenticeships with no logical answer as to why.

              Labor unions are entirely behind the progressive socialist policies of this administration. But, unfortunately, a portion of that is that Biden refuses to enforce the Office of Labor-Management Standards regulations that require labor unions to disclose financial records.

              Some federal entities have been on conservative policies and have subsequently been diminished, and employees fired. For example, the National Labor Relations Board Attorney General and Deputy Counsel were abruptly removed, although still having two years of a five-year term left. They refused to buckle to the socialist standards that Biden required; The EPA science advisory board has been cleared of all who did not toe the socialist agenda. Also, the scientist who had been overseeing the U.S. Climate Assessment was summarily dismissed. All of these public servants refused to follow the progressive socialist radical environmental agenda. They had the proof that the Green New Deal was nothing more than money and power grab as espoused by AOC's boyfriend. It was never about the environment. It is about money and power.

              On another front, The Biden cabal has denied funding to schools unless they allow biological males in female bathrooms, locker rooms, and women sports. He has done away with any restrictions on Title nine, allowing universities to declare themselves the ability to make any decisions on sexual matters without any evidence or jury or appeal.Rescinded the regulations put in place by the Trump administration to help lower the price of insulin and EpiPens.

              None of these processes by the Biden progressive socialist agenda has done anything to help the American people. There is much more, such as anti-law enforcement decisions made by the leftists to attempt to force through anti-law enforcement legislation rather than form a commission and form a consensus. The American people will not take much more without pushback.

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