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How Dare You!?!?!?!

  • The Liberals & Democrats are a lot like the Muslims.  The least little deviation from their particular brand of orthodoxy will get you declared an apostate or a blasphemer.  The penalty for either of these in Islam is death.  The penalty which the Liberals & Democrats use is character assassination.


    Just watch how The Collective Left (Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Socialists) reacts to anyone they perceive to have been one of them decide to think for themselves for a change.  Just watch the offense taken & the outrage exhibited.  Just listen to the endless slander.


    In a manner similar to how a woman can stop any argument by starting to cry; so too does The Collective Left try to prevent any further discussion of matters with which they disagree by calling it Hate Speech or Homophobic or Xenophobic.  Don't worry.  If you consider yourself innocent of any of these, The Collective Left will create additional phobias in the near future.  You'll be guilty of one of them eventually.


    I believe it was Socrates who once observed that the person who defines the terms of the debate has won the debate before even the first argument has been made.  This is exactly what has been going on since at least Y2K.  Most likely, The Collect Left has been engaged in this a whole lot longer.  It has taken them nearly 75 years, since the end of WWII, to create the inverted caste system pyramid.  If nothing else, they have patience, & they are persistent.  Patience & persistence is something we on The Right need to learn.