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Gateway Pundit put me in a 2 week time out over these 8 posts.

  • 1) The Clintons bought the DNC & thought that all they had to do was swipe the nomination from Bernie. Then Hillary would sail into the White House just like she intended to do in 2008 until Barrack the Magic Negro outflanked her on the left.


    2) Harris was suppose to be the Female Obama. Instead she turned out to be the Mulatto Hillary.


    3) The looming 2nd Civil War will be nothing like the 1st. There will be no uniformed groups facing off against each other across an open field. There will be no flags to rally round or officers barking out orders. The 2nd Civil War will take the form of simultaneous acts of arson, coupled with serial assassinations. It will be very up close & personal. You won't need a long range rifle with a scope. Handguns & shotguns will prove better at such close range. A gallon or two or three of gasoline will also prove just as effective as multiple boxes of ammunition.


    4) All you need to understand is this: Judeo-Christianity is of God. Islam is of the Devil. Once you grasp onto that concept, everything else makes perfect sense.


    5) God is Love. Allah is Hate.
    God is Peace. Allah is War/Jihad.
    God is Truth. Allah is Lies/Deception.
    God is Light & Life. Allah is Darkness & Death.


    6) We are not at war with Terrorism.

    We are not at war with Radicalism.

    We are not at war with Extremism.



    7) My wife & I just retired from our usual jobs as a physical therapist & a nurse. So now, we can either just stay home, sit on our butts, & collect our social security & pensions, or we can take our act on the road, & go discover the USA & Canada.


    8) While it is nice to think that everything is coming up roses & daffodils, there is a whole lot of political turmoil stirring in some of the cities (Hamburg, Amsterdam, & Brussels) which have been recommended in this article. Another place with deadly social unrest, that gets absolutely no attention by the MSM in the USA, is South Africa. Nobody wants to wind up like those 2 Scandinavian women who decided to go hiking in the Atlas mountains of Morocco last December, but wound up getting raped & decapitated by the locals along the way. The locals recorded the entire incident on the women's cell phones & SHARED it on Twitter, You Tube, & Face Book. If you haven't heard about it before, you may still be able to find it somewhere. Sticking to the USA & Canada while you are on your way to fame & fortune is the safest bet.



    My 313 posts have received 378 thumbs up.  But these 8 have gotten me sent to a 2 week time out.  Although they may claim to be all about Conservatism & Free Speech, Gateway Pundit is really no different than Twitter, Face Book, or You Tube.


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