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SCOTUS is MOST critical issue!

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    June 13, 2018 8:46 AM PDT
    * Do you understand the importance of electing Mick Rich?
    * I'm nearly a 1 issue conservative voter.
    * The single most important issue is SCOTUS!
    * Since we have POTUS now, we must retain the Senate!
    * If you agree, don't bother to like my posts.
    * The ONLY thing that counts is winning in 2018 #MAGA.
    * You MUST enthuse conservatives to join PAO.
    * Get off your duff and take ACTION everywhere.
    * Start with PAO's "Your State" forum - top of page.
    * Then invite people on Fascistcensorcentral to join PAO.
    * The volunteer, call, post, walk, donate!!!!!