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JOIN NMBIZCO Now, Today!!!

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    July 9, 2018 1:37 PM PDT

    * Although this group is in NM, their philosophy applies to ALL states!
    * Far left, extreme progressive ideas are 100% proven FAILURES, 100%!
    * While they whine about children, they're saddling them with debt, debt, debt.
    * While they whine about illegal immigrant children, they kill/abort 100's per day.
    * While they whine that Trump isn't accomplishing enough (a lie), they obstruct 100%.
    * While they whine about race issues, minority employment is at record high levels.
    * While they whine about wanting to raise taxes, low income American's enjoy lowest taxes.
    * You, I, we, us, all better be ACTIVE. We all best volunteer and donate to conservatives.
    * $MAGA, post to all social media about positive conservative politicians.