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No Treason: Generals Vallely & Jones say "America First"

  • THE TIME IS NOW: To get involved. To better ourselves and our country. This interview with Major General Vallely and Brigadier General Jones gives a glimpse of the enemy we're facing - the enemy from within. And the enemy is growing and even stronger from within our borders and government than ever imagined.


    This internal enemy has a foundation:

    Our strategy is to destroy the enemy from within, to conquer him through himself.”  ~ Adolf Hitler


    If you consider the tactics of the left, they are no long democrats. They're open socialists, fascists and communists. Their tyranny is openly displayed through their actions of divisiveness, class warfare, aggression against our rights and freedoms, violence and personal destruction. You can see they do not have this country's best at heart.


    The left has no message of improvement, no plan for growing our strength and economy, no positive influence for the youth and disadvantaged. Only an agenda of openness toward unreasonable ideas, acceptance of anti-American concepts and actions that bespeak destruction for our union.


    They openly lie about candidates running against them. They blatantly proclaim our shortcomings by not allowing anyone and everyone who wants to cross our borders be allowed to do so. They are more and more aggressive in their socialistic proclamations of FREE education for everyone, FREE healthcare for everyone, FREE this and that all for the purpose of gaining favor and securing their positions of power and influence.


    Government supplied FREE healthcare for all is far from FREE. Estimates put this social scheme at over 30 TRILLION dollars. Here's a reminder.... money does NOT grow on those marijuana plants the left is spreading across the land. We all know what Margaret Thatcher said about this.


    This midterm election is paramount to saving the union, preserving Trump's advances. Your personal read and sharing of these patriot's warnings is warranted and appreciated.



    Ron Boat


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