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Arizona - get behind the conservative Martha McSally, not a so

  • MIDTERM ALERT:  With days left, Arizona needs to get behind the conservative candidates including Martha McSally. Please read the difference between her and her admitted socialist opponent, and RT and share on all social media you can for Arizona friends, family and coworkers. 
    Kyrsten Sinema seems to be playing the middle of the road game in her advertising NOT mentioning the word Democrat, but only that she’s “independent, like Arizona.“  The fact that AZ hasn’t elected a democrat or an independent to the senate since the 80’s sort of indicates its love of the Republican direction of things.
    McSally has had the full support of the current DC admin with recent rallies with Mitt Romney, President Trump, and this last weekend with Sen. Lindsey Graham in Scottsdale, and in Yuma with VP Pence. Local polls are mixed as they always are and some show that for some unknown, yet reported, reason, 9% of state republicans are going for Sinema. This seems to be unlikely unless they’re falling for the “independent” misconception. A true mistake for Arizona and America.
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