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The End could be coming Nov 6th

  • They say all politics is local but... those local elections affect our national safety, economy and more. This midterm election is so important for each state as the decorates WANT AND NEED control of the US House. 

    If democrats take control of the house, they’ll investigate every republican can they think of including President Trump, Justice Kavanaugh, and they’ll think up every subject in the dictionary to subpoena, question, investigate and do nothing but waste time for the next two years, all while standing in the way of President Trump and his program to MAGA.

    WE MUST win Nov 6th to keep Trumps agenda and successes on track to #MAGA and #KAG.

    This could be the election of your lifetime and a chance to keep everything that's been accomplished in place. Vote like your future is on the line because it is. The future of your family, friends, children, everyone is dependent on who keeps control of the House and Senate - Trump needs the support of the people and this is your chance to do that.

    For a list of REAL candidates to elect, and general election thoughts, check out this article and SHARE around Social Media to make sure conservative candidates in Arizona WIN next Tuesday. 


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