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The message of the left is NOT Peace

  • Tuesday is YOUR chance to help save America. Please read and share all over social media because the message of the left is NOT hope, growth and a productive positive place in society, but tyranny, violence, disrupt and destroy.

    Like no other time the blatant violence, dishonesty, lying, manipulation and disruptive nature of the left is on full display. the radical leftists are out to control and destroy,. Their love of open borders, acceptance and all-inclusiveness is a damaging message for America.

    Their continuing disruption of the Trump agenda tells all we need to knw about their direction for America, their hatred for our way of life and rule of law.

    Choose candidates that have OUR best interests at heart - not theirs. Read this article, leave a comment there and share in as many social media places as you can. This IS IMPORTANT. It's for our future.