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I'M DISGUSTED with the Republican party - AGAIN

  • I'M DISGUSTED with the republican party (again) and our elections - and luckily I can write about it.
    Most Republicans couldn’t win a poker game as the only player holding a royal flush. Some seem so disorganized, so incompetent, so “PC” that they are as unprepared to win a political race as the proverbial guy holding a knife in a gunfight.
    To me there are two major areas of disappointment. 1) Inefficiency in the conservative party to operate an efficient campaign and follow through on promises and get things done. And 2) FIGHT and make your point in calling out democrats for what they are.
    The real disconnect for me is the fact that Republicans, for the sake of being “politically correct,” afraid of being called names, or just uninformed is disturbing. Democrats are fighters; right or wrong, truthful or misleading, they will do anything to win an argument, pass a law or win an election. Republicans are too passive. Progressivism and democratic socialism is getting a foothold in America.
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