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The Pussification of America

  • No matter how you debate it - The philosophy of teaching has strayed from strong, realistic reality and changed from education to indoctrination. The dumbing down, the coddling and as this author I found says.. it's the "Pussification" of America. The liberal mindset is alive and well in the bastions of BS for our kids and destroying our country.

    As an example,  there's a strength that should be taught, experienced, and is needed from individuals and it's not coming from education these days. There's a weakness prevalent in the courses and methods and it's long term effect can affect our fighting spirit and readiness in the military and leadership in business.

    Telling teachers not to use red pens for grading, or bold letters, or capital letters and to be "nicer." The philosophy has changed from teaching people what they need to know to teaching them WHAT to think not HOW, and getting them herded into the cattle pen of dependent liberalism. Don't use the word "DO" (it's commanding) and NEVER use the word "DON'T." (It's negative) Wow... who knew?

    There's a strength in military leaders, and while some view them as imperialistic intruders, they are men (and women) of strength knowing how to survive and achieve - something that is lost in today's education system.


    We need to get back to teaching kids and young adults the meaning of truth, America, civics, how to think about solving problems, not hiding with their puppies and play-dough.

    This isn't my book, I just thought it was a great one with some good ideas on how to get back to being strong, independent, intelligent thinking Americans and not the wimps that society wishes on us.

    Take a minute and read this short article and then share around the net to help wake up people to the real problems turning our kids over the liberal losers.


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