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LTG Michael Flynn – Up Close and Personal

  • My interview with LTG Flynn. A man beset upon by partisans in an ungrateful government, but loved by the people. A patriot who served his country in many ways for over 30 years.
    Many think of him as a soldier, a general, a target of government gone amuck, but his time in the military was spent heavily in military intelligence. He was a strategist, a planner, an investigator of our enemies and their tactics and motives to destroy us.
    He's wise beyond people's recognition and spent time all over the world from Asia to Central America, the Middle East and in between.     
    Also in this article we touch on his fascinating book, "The Field of Fight," where he talks a lot about becoming an intelligence officer (our government's highest ranking one) and some operations around the world he was involved in. Everyone with a few minutes to read and a motivation to know more about a true patriot needs to read this book. And please read the short article and share it around the web so others can get a glimpse of this man and his missions.

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