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One cost of Immigration - Your money

  • The cost of immigration? There are many that people don't realize. One is the billions we spend on border security. Both on the federal and state levels. Two is the jobs lost. There are many that Americans are willing to do but not at half the wage that illegals will work for. Three, the money lost in supporting these people. Housing, education, medical, transportation, it all adds up.

    And the judicial and law enforcement cost reach into the billions for legal costs, court costs, incarceration, and more. Part 1 of this 3 part starts the tale of burden leveled on America. It lays out in dollar amounts the money - YOUR money that's going to waste. IMAGINE what this country could do will an extra $130,000,000,000 to improve our own country.

    Anne Bishop expressed this simple thought. A two sided expression actually, a two edged sword for the American taxpayer.

    In today’s political environment, many on the left choose to not think of costs;  ignoring the inconvenience, the burden, the hardship placed on society for the sake of a variety of political agendas. Instead practicing and promoting their mindset of inclusion, acceptance, openness, resulting in a revision of America’s stability.

    Yes, America was built on the concept and through the hard work of immigrants. We’re a collective citizenry committed to values of understanding, giving and helping our fellow man.

    The majority of Americans believe in immigration. They embrace it, even invite it when the immigrants are talented, educated, quality hard working people seeking to integrate and assimilate into our communities; when they’re willing and eager to contribute to America.

    Please read and share around the web. And parts 2 and 3 coming in the next day and two.

    The money toll:

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