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America's Caravan of Death

  • PASSION? Read the words of a mother whose son was killed by illegal aliens. Read the disgust and anger that is growing in America from this problem. Then please share it with everyone. And read it again. Let it soak in how much effect illegals can have on an individual, on a family, on a country.

    We are not an uncaring country but this article will reveal the pain of loss - significant loss - unnecessary loss. And read all three parts for a complete look at the cost of immigration.


    For those making their argument for more compassion, acceptance, and open immigration, we hear every day that America was built by immigrants. People who came to our shores desperate and seeking freedom, opportunity, a new life for themselves and their families.

    They might have come from areas of economic devastation. Oppressive, torturous governments or escaping war-torn lives stripping them of normalcy and hope. Not everyone in the world has the open, free, opportunistic society we do, and Americans understand that.

    In PART 1, we exposed the monetary costs leveled on America by uncontrolled  immigration. But the real toll?

    Part 3... Later on Western Free Press this Wednesday