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The Cost of Immigration in American Lives

  • ARE YOU IN DANGER? This article lays out is the truth, the true cost of a failed immigration program.  These are the lives our poor immigration policy has cost America. These are people sacrificed in the battle for open borders and lax immigration practices. 

    Laws made by common consent must not be trampled on by individuals.
    ~ George Washington

    From the every day citizen, to our brave front line border protection and customs personnel. We've lost too many and everyone has a story. Some of them laid in this article below.

    The main story centers around Mary Ann Mendoza and her son, Sgt Brandon Mendoza of the Mesa Police Dept.; Killed early one morning on a Phoenix freeway by a drunk and drugged up illegal driving the wrong way. A previously arrested and convicted illegal from years before who was left off with a lenient sentence. This is NOT the way we should run our country.  


    And indeed the laws of our country have been made by common consent. Consent of the lawmakers, on behalf of the citizenry who elected them. If you don’t like the laws, then elect new people and create better laws.

    But those who crowd and clammer at the borders, pushing, shoving, screaming for “their rights” in essence have no rights – until such time they are admitted, received and accepted into our society.

    To try to replace our system of laws – whether invading from outside our borders or from a political stance within – without the right, power or position to do so is, in essence ignoring the will of the people and breaking our laws.

    When it comes to the law and the constitution, I have one person to go to: Professor Rob Natelson,

    Please read to learn more about what Professor Natelson has to say about how dangerous the left's schemes have been. 

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