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The Pelosi / Schumer Smackdown by Trump

  • A well deserved slap down on Pelosi and Chuckie by President Trump on camera. Two disrespectful, anti-American hacks pushing their open border agenda on the country. Their lack of openness toward this country - their open disrespect of the President and his policies - their desire to "hidden" agendas rather than the transparent government they claim to want is so evident, it might as well be train running through your living room.

    America might - MIGHT - be slowly waking up to the absurdity of these two and their hateful, spiteful party of dissident lemmings. And then afterward to go out and make the comment they made about the president? That's real class Nancy. You're both fools for thinking real Americans care about your "get IN the vote" policies of open borders.

    It’s no secret that President Trump is a tough negotiator. (Remember the Art of the Deal?) And today showed his dedication to the American public and to his promises to secure our country and its borders.

    Trump stated his plans for border security saying if they don’t provide funding for his proposed border wall, he will order the military to build it. Ahead of his meeting with the Democratic party’s congressional leaders aimed at avoiding a partial government shutdown over spending.

    “If the Democrats do not give us the votes to secure our Country, the military will build the remaining sections of the wall,” President Trump said in a stream of Twitter messages.

    We all remember the “Build that Wall” chants at rallies across the country when he was running and the chant continues today in various venues. A promise Trump ran on and – as we’ve seen – he tends to work hard to keep his promises.

    During the meeting, Trump proved his propensity toward forward thinking by having the cameras rolling as Pelosi and Schumer made fools of themselves in plain view of all America.

    We must remember that in 2006, Democrats voted for a wall, and they were with the public to do so. Today, they no longer want border security as they see their grip on power sliding down the Rio Grande, instead they view masses at the border as a waiting line for new voters.

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