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The Sentencing of LTG Flynn

  • It was an interesting day in a DC courtroom. Each side positioning for power. Each side determined they were right, lawful and reasonable. But we know that can't be the case. Mueller's team claiming victory over a scenario they set up and manipulated. Their hollow silent screams of gotcha Trump going unnoticed as a judge with patriotism in his veins discerns the reality of their own shortcomings.

    Not wanting to sentence a man who is innocent sounds to me like there's more to the story. More to be learned and while a fine man, LTG Flynn, wanted this all to over and behind him.... took today's ordeal in stride as he has for 33 years in uniform and will wait out the time in personal peace - knowing he's not guilty of the crimes matched to his position and knowing that in reality - the country is behind him in his loyalty to this land of the free. 

    Let’s be realistic about all this circuitous circumstantial circus…..

    Certain government forces, having proven themselves capable of being abusive, partisan, dictatorial,  tyrannical and basically anti-American and anti-law, today are reveling in their shallow victories; celebrating their congratulatory control.  Not withstanding what is legal, right and reasonable, certain people with an agenda have  forced good people to do what they need to in order to survive. Something capable of being bestowed on any of us as citizens.

    I’ve written in the past about this man, his military dedication to our country and,  when talking with him I’ve avoided discussions of current “political” events, focusing on more positive achievements. But the time is now for seeing what is really happening.

    If you get a chance to read and share....

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