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Discussing the WALL and more with Former Asst. FBI Director


    Yes, times have changed form the more laid back peaceful interactions of the police and every day citizens, to the war zone streets where everyone including law enforcement fear more for their lives.

    Gangs and individuals, have become more violent and armed to the teeth like first rate military forces. Attitudes fueled by more permissive social expectations and allowances, and a lack of legal punishment as a deterrent. Even more gun laws are not the answer as proven by Chicago with thousands of shootings a year, and more actual deaths than some foreign battleground.

    One expert we turn to for insight and answers is former FBI Assistant Director, Mr. Ron Hosko. This is part 2 in a series of interviews, Part 2 deals with how law enforcement has changed. It’s had to in order to keep up with more sophisticated criminals and their enhanced techniques for stealing, murdering, dealing and terrorizing Americans.

    In part 2 - former Asst. FBI Director Hosko talks about THE WALL, the Trump effect, Obama's shortcomings and other issues related to national security and local law enforcement. Your read will be interesting and sharing of the article is appreciated.
    There are many aspects to situations and problems within the local communities. Local law enforcement is more and more attacked, verbally abused and at times left unprepared for the fight ahead of them. Dr. Hosko brings to light those issues which Trump has tried to improve and how to support local LEO in general.
    Today we can't simply believe what’s printed in a local paper or said on a news broadcast. The facts of these cases can often be far more complex and very often support what a law enforcement officer did. Also, find your own facts about policing. The raw numbers support the police, not the narrative of Black Lives Matter and other operations who simply want to demonize law enforcement while ignoring the acts of those who challenge them.
    Thanks for taking time to read this (and part 1) and leave your comments there to respond to this one and to help me plan future articles.

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