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The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration

  • The real part, the dark part, the human part of caring about illegals seeking a better life. Are we really responsible for the world? Can we afford it? What are the untold parts of illegal immigration once you get past the caring, accepting, compassionate, helpful, all inclusive rhetoric of the left?


    Is it our job to support the world? To offer everything we have in exchange for their better lives? To take a chance we'll be "OK" while they live amongst us taking our resources, committing crimes and enjoy luxury albeit compared to their old lives? 


    The fight over entering our country isn’t just waged against the backdrop of jagged barbed wire fences or steel barricades.  Its ever present entanglement of words and actions is evidenced in the halls of congress and around the dinner tables of every-day Americans.


    Americans whose job was lost to someone willing to work for less. Americans whose son, daughter, father or husband was killed at the hands of an illegal who hadn’t the right to be here and disrupt our lives. American’s whose  lives were interrupted with illegal activity related to identity theft, robbery or rape.


    Ask Kate Steinle’s or Molly Tibbett’s family about the dark side of immigration and the rights, the world’s justice for illegals to be here. Ask the families of those dying in pain and poverty from drugs carried on the backs of illegal “refugees.” Ask Mary Ann Mendoza about her son Brandon’s  right to live being taken away by a drunk, drug crazed illegal driving the wrong way on a freeway early one morning; an illegal previously arrested, convicted and released onto our streets years earlier.


    Ask any of hundreds of other families about the right of people to just wander through the dead of night, stealing across our deserts or hiding amongst the lettuce in produce trucks “seeking opportunity.” Ask if their right to be here outweighs the legal, moral, constitutional God given rights of a true American citizen to live in peace and safety.


    This short article gives some facts the left won't talk about. Read it - and please share it around so people know what we're getting ourselves into.