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They Came - They Murdered - They're Still Here

  • THEY'RE HERE - AND THEY'RE STILL COMING. They've come, they've killed, they've changed and manipulated our society. There's a slow take over of America through elected office and societal influence. This is and should remain AMERICA and no one has the right to change our way of life.


    They want special social treatment. They want to ignore our community norms and our laws. They want it THEIR way and yes, remember that these are members of the society, the cult, the ideology that have a dictate from their "god" to kill infidels who don't go along with their religious views. Great neighbors hey? 


    America is built on freedoms, rights, a Constitution and even these invader's laws are NOT COMPATIBLE with our system of governance. Taking the hard line, one would say don't come here and if you're here, go home. Immigrants need to realize we are not here for their benefit, and should not - will not bend to their wishes for special treatment. 


    Imagine: You look forward to living in “Ilikestan.” Beautiful country. You figure a way to get there, maybe as an immigrant, a refugee, a student, by some means – any means. Once there you realize that it really should be more like back home. So you pressure major companies to stop selling products you don’t like. You take a job driving a local cab but…. you feel passengers should only carry products in your cab you approve of.


    You move into a neighborhood but then realize your neighbors have animals you don’t accept so… you ask them to move.  Your children want to go to school but you don’t like the bathrooms, so…. you make the schools change them.  And of course you hate dogs so… in your job you refuse to help people with disabilities using service dogs cause… well, they’re dogs.


    The native religion doesn’t align with yours, so of course they should change or die. And their established rule of law? UNACCEPTABLE, so they have to implement your set of rules and laws cause…. it’s the way it’s always been back home.


    Read the entire article here and thanks for your read and sharing this reminder.

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