• MILITARY FIGHTING ON THE BORDER - plan on it. Thousands of troops headed to our southern border and 12,000 - 15,000 immigrants headed north to invade our sovereignty. This Major General has a battle plan.  


    We already have about 2,300 troops on the border and thousands more are on their way this week. Several caravans are headed north - one with 12,000 marchers and 2 more are already on the road and headed north.


    When will the liberals realize these people are NOT coming here to make donations for American causes? When will they see the truth of people coming to invade us, to strip our benefits and drain our resources? Read the article for the battle plan MG Vallely has for setting up a protection zone.


    America; conceived in the minds of patriots, forged the fires of revolution, sanctified in the blood of patriotic resolution.


    When this country tore itself from England, it was for many social, religious and political reasons. The patriots who pledged their lives and sacred honor to do so knew that defending this country would be an arduous, ongoing commitment to the promise of freedom they made to themselves and future Americans.


    It’s not by accident that political office holders, law enforcement and the military take an oath stating “that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Part of that defense is outlined in our Constitution as a Doctrine of Sovereignty.


    As a sovereign country, our borders are our geographic outline, our division, our separation from those we do not control and who do not control us. It’s therefore our obligation, our duty, our right to protect and defend those borders lest we become part of someone else’s sovereignty, someone else’s problematic situation of which we are not deserving – influenced by mandate of their will and intrusion.


    As America more and more becomes the last bastion of freedom and rights, and with benefits sought by the world’s poorest, most needy people, we find a requisite effort is required to protect ourselves from unwanted burdens of social support, and the target of undeserving violence. Our borders becoming the battlefront for violent interaction and intrusion.


    The “Wall” is a hot topic of discussion as political forces push and shove their ideas, even shutting down parts of our government to make their partisan point. But in fact, reasonable, logical, intelligent people know that we cannot allow people unimpeded access to our land for purposes unknown.


    We are not a militaristic society. We have no stormtroopers roaming our streets asking for our “papers” and threatening a nightstick or imprisonment for a questioning look or evasive comment. But the protection of our country does fall on all of us – in office – in uniform – in civilian attire – as a responsibility of living in a free and SAFE society. And thankfully some people get it.