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Will Trump Pull Out a Win for Patriots?


    The long game. Will Trump pull out a win for patriots and will the trophy go to the right and righteous or be laid scratched and broken on the chalked bloodstained sidelines of history?  Will Socialist score the victory? SOTU may give a glimpse of our future.


    Developing the game plan for leading this country is an arduous task. The accomplishments usually and purposely unannounced, the successes pass without fanfare through the liberal media and mindless mentality of the left.


    The super bowl of sensationalistic speeches culminates in the State of the Union gathering. The once-a-year chance for all to assemble; the American people in the wings, watching; our leaders viewing the successes, some in silence or groaning observation but not participating; the spectacle shown against a backdrop of obstruction.


    The left has collectively lost its moronic mind. Not only dismissing the realities of an economic touchdown or foreign policy field goal, but in many cases refusing to show up for the turfed tournament; denying their responsibility to engage and cooperate in the strategic plan to win the game.


    Liberals of today are not the nationalistic, contributing counterparts of the past, but have thrown in the towel, replacing the pallium of patriotism with the robe of refusal. Their destructive nature would rather throw the game than fight for its success.


    From the atheist era of Madalyn Murray O’Hair taking prayer out of schools, to the removal and destruction of the Ten Commandments and nativity scenes; from the burning of the American flag to the violence of Antifa; from the vile selling of baby body parts now, to the acceptance of aborting – killing – a newly born baby, the left has proven its disdain for life, for the rights of others, for the sanctity of personal freedoms and even the right to live.


    Most democracies in world history lose their luster and fall by the wayside at around 250 years. America is 243 years down that field of play and already seeing the signs of its demise. It’s said that the advancement of democracy is documented and predictable in the following scenario of progression.


    Read the article for info on the game plan of socialists.