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The Glaring Truths of SOTU 2019

  • SOTU - The realism of the moment was stark and revealing. I just hope America was watching and got the messages. This article lays it all out. Our future is on the line as result of our current governance


    In 2008 I promised myself I would never listen to B. Hussein O give a speech. Call it a feeling, a premonition, foresight but I knew that he’d be lying…because his lips would be moving.


    Over the years he proved my assumptions correct. Whether it was not keeping my doctor, keeping my plan or saving money; or his declarations that he couldn’t “do that,” but then he did “do that” with an executive order; his denying white voters their justice at the hands of black panthers in PA days after taking office; his illegal actions in fast & furious covered up by executive privilege; or decades in association with a black separatist church and the likes of Farrakhan, Ayers and Dohrn laying his foundation for social justice and revenge. I just felt I never wanted to listen to someone whose life was dictated by his associations with the SDS, ACORN, the New Party or the radical rules of people like Alinsky and Cloward and Piven.


    His desire, his goal to fundamentally change a great country didn’t ring sensible to me so I avoided the media contact for 8 years. Instead of SOTU speeches, toothbrushing my driveway or bikini waxing my cat seemed a more productive use of time.


    Then came Donald J. Trump. Not a politician, not a Messiah, but a messenger carrying, and willing to heed, the wishes of the American populous. A man not motivated by political power, but fully aware that as a businessman – a citizen – if you don’t produce, you don’t succeed, you don’t eat. This SOTU was a recap of the undeniable successes he’s had in meeting his mandated goals.


    All the grandeur and majesty of the moment was framed by the House Chamber as Americans made note of our progress as a nation. For all the normalcy one might expect in this annual event, this one seemed especially poignant and positive.


    The black hearts of liberalism were laid open for all to observe as their leadership, and supposed future candidates denied Trump's verbal truths; refused to participate in the celebration of America; tacitly made known their true intentions for us should they ever gain complete rule over us. Make no mistake that the Sanders, Harrises, Gillibrands, Warrens, Ocasio-Cortezs and Bookers of the left have no interest in bettering this country. They will have no positive reports for their SOTU appearances.


    Your read of the full article is invited and encouraged and thank you for sharing it around the web.

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