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Black? Gay? Rich? You need to be a victim too.

    Such lies they'll tell for self promotion and acceptance. Such an agenda of hate against America. And such a willing army of complicit supporters. When is enough.... enough?

    Victim. Victimhood. Victimized. Victimization. All we all now victimizers? Could we really be victimless?


    It’s all part of today’s victimology.


    I remember writing years ago the line: “Are you black? Or gay? Get over it, no one really cares.” And I believe that most people don’t. Most Americans are fair minded, open and accepting and just aren’t that interested in your personal life or self perceived dramas. We just want ourselves and everyone to live and be happy without the entanglements of other’s imaginary images of “illusioned issues.”


    But in today’s political, social, equal justice arena, it’s necessary to take advantage of every opportunity you can to elevate yourself. To look better than others because…. afterall, you’re probably a victim and well deserving of our sympathies and concern.


    For Empire actor Jussie Smollett, it wasn’t enough just to be who he was. To be black. To be gay. To make more money in a week than many make in a year. To be on the red carpet of life and have lines of fanatical followers bowing at the your feet claiming friendship, or at the least seeking some recognition of their loathsome loyalties.


    We can't even live simple lives anymore. It has to be part of a sick play on living with accusations, fake news about fake crimes about fake events. We're surrounded by people not happy with what they have or what they are, but in need of more more more in order to be or appear successful to their supporters and cohorts.
    When in actuality.... most people don't care. Only those who don't really matter are the ones you're trying to please. Time to move on with life and enjoy what you have the opportunities presented to you - and leave the rest of us alone.
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