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More Socialist Corruption: AOC's Shifting Campaign Funds

  • TWO MONTHS IN OFFICE AND the questions of lies, deceit and corruption are already coming out from the queen of socialism. Hey, they live by their own rules and after all.... they're better than us so they're allowed to screw us while we're expected to smile.


    The darling of the left – the instigator of the Screw You Green New Deal, is in the news yet again. and not for working to improve America.


    History would be hard pressed to find someone who came on the scene so quickly and made such a sewer splash after winning an election with 110,000 votes. The left loves her – well, most the left. She’s controversial. She’s certainly innovative. She may be borderline idiotic. She wants your money.


    For one to have a degree in economics, it must have come from WholeFoods U. Her ideas to reroute trillions of unfindable dollars from taxpayers to… well who knows, is certainly a stupidly conceive pipedream. We’re already $22 Trillion in debt, another $120+ Trillion in unfunded liabilities that will come due and she wants to spend another $97 Trillion  we don’t have.


    But then again, money was never her strong suit – For a Democrat yes, for an econ major, no.

    DonkeyHotey/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA

    Now, another Ocasio-Dinero issue arises. Saikat Chakrabarti, the driving money force behind socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY  and she also serves as her own chief of staff), allegedly shuffled over $1 million in political donations to his own private companies. This according to a new complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission.


    The Washington Examiner reports that “Chakrabarti’s companies appear to have been set up for the sole purpose of obscuring how the political donations were used.”  


    AOC wants to take your money. Wants to give everything away FREE, wants to take your cars and plane trips, thinks we can do away with fossil fuels everything that's normal, constitutional and needed.... all while she takes her own plane trips, rides UBER instead of the subway and is as full of questionably legal deeds as any political criminal. READ MORE