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A Stolen Country Part 4

  • Parts 1-3 below.

    The election of 2020 proved to most patriotic Americans that elections could be tampered with if not outright stolen. Progressive socialists call the election the "Big Lie." I admit they are right. They thump their chests and tell us that the election was held following the requirements of our Constitution. Thousands of affidavits signed under penalty of Perjury were ignored, as were observations of people on the ground from both parties. There are recounts in Arizona, and will be more recounts in other states. If the election was so straightforward, why do we still have a military presence in our Capitol.?  This is not a position of answering to the American people. This is a show of force to silence the citizenry for what is to come. The political agenda of the progressive socialists will bring willful and immediate resistance, forcing a breakdown of the functional political and order that has been part of the American landscape for over 250 years.

    Those who protect our country, law enforcement, and the military (including veterans such as myself), have been designated domestic terrorists by our government. DHS  has stated that the greatest threat to our country is domestic right-wing terrorism. People who love our country and defend our Constitution are now labeled as terrorists, to be ostracized from society. This does nothing more than instigating attacks of conservatives like law enforcement and veterans and silence any conservatives that dare to speak their mind.


    The tribal identity politics of the progressive socialists are in conflict with the laws and culture that define the American Dream. The self-government of the individual has been lost in a haze of perpetual punishment and devastation of what the leftists call the oppressor groups. They banter around buzzwords like “systemic racism” and White supremacy” and have been for so long that the words have become meaningless. Media inundates the American people with commercials that suggest that the American people, especially White Christian males are to be denigrated to the point of oblivion. The American people are now being told that the sexual aspect of the life of one man-one woman marriage that has been the foundation of both a stable environment and the foundation of the families worldwide is just a concept, ephemeral and ignored.

    Identity politics which started in universities, have spread to many of our major corporations and institutions. Media spreads the propaganda, and loudmouth liberals spew hatred for anyone who doesn't think or look like them. And then they pound the table about discrimination. They spend all the energy that they used to build these companies to slander and attack the American way of life. They claim the rule of law is white supremacist (another useless term), call us homophobes for standing for the American family, and call us xenophobic for wanting secure borders. Platitudes have a tendency to fall apart when questioned. The progressive socialists cannot name a country that has survived in the modern world without borders or a strong family structure. Even in this country, look what our country has done to the black family. Since Lyndon Johnson, the progressive socialists have convinced many black families that they don’t need a father, the government will take care of them.

    Big tech companies, along with corporations and complicit with the progressive socialists in the Democrat party, are doxxing those who disagree with them to cyber stalk and harass those patriots.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      From the Biden administration to big tech corporations to academia, the American culture we are witnessing has decided that the American people at the enemy. Hundreds of corporations have helped to fund Black Lives Matter and the real domestic terrorism from the left that the American people have to endure. From the position of power they have made for themselves, they weaponize their full capacity to destroy all conservative Christians and white males. We are well on the way to undeclared martial law, where there will be arrests for not complying with the government's mandates. We have already seen this with the China virus. People have been bludgeoned because of not wearing a face mask,  where neighbors have turned into snitches on their neighbors. Is that the world that we want to live in? Do we want to live in a country where your business can be burned down or your church destroyed just because you don't agree with the socialist ideology they are trying to force on us?

    The progressive socialists want the American people to meekly accept the quasi-martial laws that they want to implement.  How do you explain the eternal lockdown and surveillance of the American people? From surveillance cameras in our traffic lights to mass monitoring of all Americans' communications, they collect data on the American people. Even the United States Postal Service is following communications of selected individuals who are considered a threat. The question is, who are the people they are following, and who chose them. And please explain why departments such as the FDA, VA, and the Smithsonian have been hoarding an arsenal.  Why is our government becoming so militarized towards its own citizens? Why is our government becoming all-knowing and all seeing of its citizens?

    The entrenched DeepState runs the bureaucracy with little care for the morals, culture, and understanding of what is needed to make America the lasting constitutional republic it is to be. This unelected official and the progressive socialists in the Democrat party hold the patriotic citizens of this country in contempt. They have the religions of normal citizens in contempt using the atheism they want in a religious place to start the new communism.

    The progressive socialists call us Nazis when they follow the Nazi playbook by using the violence and intimidation of the stormtroopers in 1933 before they took over the government. Since the early '60s, the progressive socialists and academia, and the media have been working towards this goal. They have used the freedoms and rights given to the citizenry to lie and cheat their way into power. Once in power, they will take away those rights and liberties that got them there. We know how Germany turned out; what will the citizens of our country allow? Already underway is the abolition of free speech, as evidenced in our social media. They are doing everything they can to decapitate the 2nd Amendment and take away the only defense available to the working man. Once again, following the example of Nazi Germany, the leftists wish to do away with the political foundations that our country rests upon. The Electoral College, court-packing, and a legal and verifiable voting system all obstacles in their way to total control. The government in place right now will not hold back. They see nothing wrong with using the IRS to shout down their critics, the FBI to overturn a fair election or all the powers that be to destroy your free speech and take your property "for the common good." The next step is to permanently close schools and churches and keep a tight grip on small businesses so the corporatism that can be used to force the patriots into compliance can do the work they feel needs to be done.

    The progressive socialists intend to criminalize any ideology that is in opposition to the agenda they have created. They call  conservatives fascists, but Merriam-Webster describes fascism this way:

                    “A political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and stands for an autocratic government that is led by a dictatorial leader severe economic and social regimentation and forcible suppression of the opposition.”

    This sounds to me like the progressive socialists running this country, along with BLM and Antifa. But the media will never tell you this. Not when we have members of the Congress giving aid and comfort to the real BLM/Antifa fascists, but we have a senile President who declares America is an "idea."


    The rules they make have never made sense to the citizens who work hard every day. The iron fist of anti-social regulations is being brought forth. Mask mandates and social distancing are to keep people apart. You must not be allowed to gather and talk to one another. You can smoke pot but not menthol cigarettes. You can loot and burn down or urban areas, but as a citizen, you cannot have a magazine that holds more than ten rounds. You are male, but if you identify as a woman, you can use the ladies' restroom.

    If there comes a civil war, what is the ideology being fought for? Is it the elimination of all conservative and Christian patriots? Or will it be the elimination of a progressive socialist implant that is rotting our nation from the inside out. The choice is ours to make. Should we look for a false flag as the start?

    The progressive socialists have talked of sending President Trump supporters to re-education camps, and politicians are in the process of attempting to eradicate conservatives from the military. I am so thankful that I made my 20-year career before all this social justice garbage started. They tried it in the early '70s, and they called it race relations which most of the enlisted personnel I went with laughed them out of the room. We were taught then, and I still believe all members of the U.S. Navy are haze grey. The leftists have taken to hurling insults at those with who they politically disagree. Calling President Trump supporters a "cult," even the socialist Katie Couric has talked of Trump Supporters needing "deprogramming" much like the old Soviet mental wards. They prefer to be called liberals, but by the definition of the term used in the past, they are decidedly illiberal. It shows in the "woke" mentality, reducing the freedom of speech as enumerated in the Constitution little more than empty words.

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